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World Youth Chess Championship 2003 - Boys-18

Last update 02.11.2003 18:29:41, Creator/Last Upload:

Player overview for ISR

29FMPorat Shay2360ISR1011½0110½17,015Boys U18

Results of the last round for ISR

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDPts. ResultPts. NameFEDNo.
111329FMPorat ShayISR6 1 - 06 IMCornette MatthieuFRA22

Player details for ISR

FM Porat Shay 2360 ISR Rp:2450 Pts. 7,0
179Pulito Alberto2074ITA5,0w 1
22GMKurnosov Igor2527RUS7,0s 0
373Braschi Giancarlo2138ITA4,0w 1
450Meinhardt Maximilian2255GER5,0s 1
59IMKharitonov Alexandr2439ISC8,0w ½
68FMPixton Aaron2445USA8,0s 0
748Macak Stefan2259SVK6,0w 1
812IMKuljasevic Davorin2429CRO7,0s 1
97IMGajewski Grzegorz2462POL7,0w 0
1021Husnutdinov Damir2400UZB6,5s ½
1122IMCornette Matthieu2399FRA6,0w 1