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Campeonato Juvenil Panamericano Sub20 femenino 2008

Last update 16.06.2008 00:20:17, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Starting rank

1WFMCori T DeysiPER2208
2WIMChirivi YennyCOL2168
3WIMRivera IngrisCOL2144
4WFMAliaga Fernandez Ingrid YPER2097
5WFMHerrera MilenaCOL2007
6Rodriguez SofiaCOL1998
7Aguilar Natalia AndreaCOL1966
8Orozco Lina YomayraCOL1955
9Castrillon MelissaCOL1946
10Orozco Luz ElenaCOL1946
11Cardona CarolinaCOL1919
12Chavez Diana MariaCOL1850
13Guarin DanielaCOL1846
14Cuervo Mendoza LinaCOL0
15Galvis MaryoryCOL0
16Galvis Pedraza SeleneCOL0
17Ocampo Garcia DerlyCOL0