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Cupa 1 iunie-sah rapid

Last update 01.06.2014 08:58:19, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 44)

Starting rank

1IIIPirvu ChristianROU1151Acs Dumbravita
2IILucati Beneamin-DanielROU1097Acs Dumbravita
3IIMinnich Mihaela-CristianaROU1078Cs Sinandrei Timis
4IIIFarcas Ana-MariaROU1064Css Nr. 1 Timisoara
5IVPirvu AndreeaROU1024Acs Dumbravita
6Precup Alexandru-AndreiROU1009Cs Sinandrei Timis
7Asandei AdelinaROU1001Cs Sinandrei Timis
8Chifan Alexandra-DianaROU1001Cs Sinandrei Timis
9Dragoi Gabriel-FabiusROU1001Acs Dumbravita
10Milin Denisa-FlorentinaROU1001Cs Sinandrei Timis
11Paun Paul-StelianROU1001Cs Sinandrei Timis
12Radulescu Monica-GeorgianaROU1001Cs Sinandrei Timis
13Dudau LucaROU0CS Sanandrei