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4th Gharbia Blitz

Last update 31.05.2014 21:16:58, Creator/Last Upload: egyptian chess federation

Starting rank

1Sultan Mohamed9401610YEM2134
2Elhalwagy Islam10613030EGY2125
3Desoky Ibrahim10602569EGY2117
4Sameir Mahmoud10612459EGY2103
5Allam Emad Hamdy10608648EGY2074
6Waheed Mohamed10604855EGY2023
7Sharaf Eldin Tamer10604979EGY2006
8Kamal Edmon10609814EGY1973
9Abel Naby Ahmed10602186EGY1969
10Ismail Hany10603980EGY1893
11Khalil Ahmed Salem10616624EGY1891
12Masoud Mohamed Helmy10613250EGY1852
13Rokaya Ahmed10613374EGY1742
14Abdel Moaety Mohamed10622187EGY0
15Abo Eisha Ahmed Sobhy10620087EGY0
16Ashraf Arafat Amro10628304EGY0
17Ashraf Arafat Mohamed10628312EGY0
18Eldeen Sherif S.10625909EGY0
19Fayad Gamal10611495EGY0
20Galal Saad AhmedEGY0
21Galal Saad AmroEGY0
22Khatab MahmoudEGY0
23Khater Hamdy10607080EGY0
24Refaat Abdel Rahman10609890EGY0
25Sameir AhmedEGY0
26Soliman Ehab10613412EGY0
27Arafa Hosam Sayed10611690EGY1663