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Mind Chess Age Group 2014 Under-10

Last update 26.05.2014 06:23:02, Creator/Last Upload: penangchessassociation

Final Ranking crosstable after 6 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Amirul Aiman Mazalan1148MAS 41b1 18w1 10b1 7w1 2b1 6w16,021,021,0021,0
2Mohd Haikal Sazali1118MAS 11b1 21w1 29w1 6b1 1w0 8b15,023,517,5019,0
3Hwang Tian Xiang0MAS 6b0 39w1 23b1 29b1 17w1 7w15,018,014,0015,0
4Teh Kai Xin1132MAS 8w1 24b1 5w½ 9b1 6w0 14b14,523,016,7517,0
5Yeoh Yuan Hui0MAS 22b1 28w1 4b½ 14w1 7b0 15b14,521,515,2517,0
6Agnes Ang Ching Lyn1140MAS 3w1 31b1 19w1 2w0 4b1 1b04,025,514,5017,0
7Kelven Lee Kai Wen1125MAS 37b1 12w1 9w1 1b0 5w1 3b04,025,514,5017,0
8Koay Yu Zhe0MAS 4b0 32w1 20b1 21w1 12b1 2w04,021,512,0014,0
9Muhd Hazim Hakeem Mohd Zaini1198MAS 27b1 20w1 7b0 4w0 18b1 25w14,020,512,0014,0
10Lai Zhen Hou0MAS 17w1 33b1 1w0 31b1 15w0 21w14,019,510,0015,0
11Ryan Lau Yong Liang0MAS 2w0 36b1 16w1 17b0 31w1 20w14,018,510,5012,0
12Pan Yu Herng1164MAS 40w1 7b0 30w1 24b1 8w0 22b14,017,59,5014,0
13Ziyad Hariz0MAS 30b0 42w1 38b1 29w½ 17b14,014,58,2512,0
14Woon Foo Yang0MAS 30w½ 16b1 33w1 5b0 19w1 4w03,520,09,7514,0
15Brandon Cheng Jinghong1112MAS 34w1 29b0 26w1 19b½ 10b1 5w03,519,010,5013,5
16Darren Chang Qi Han0MAS 28b½ 14w0 11b0 41w1 38b1 29b13,515,56,509,0
17Damian Chan Yi Hang1127MAS 10b0 43w1 18b1 11w1 3b0 13w03,020,57,5012,0
18Lim Joe Shawn985MAS 38w1 1b0 17w0 26b1 9w0 31b13,019,56,5010,0
19Shannen Chin0MAS 32b1 23w1 6b0 15w½ 14b0 28w½3,019,08,2513,0
20Lee Yi Fan1119MAS 26w1 9b0 8w0 40b1 27w1 11b03,019,07,0011,0
21Bryan Lim Kai Sheng1162MAS 36w1 2b0 40w1 8b0 24w1 10b03,019,06,0012,0
22Coshinne Ong0MAS 5w0 35b1 31w0 34b1 23b1 12w03,017,57,0010,0
23Ooi Tse Han1127MAS 35w1 19b0 3w0 30b1 22w0 34b13,017,56,5010,0
24Vinceton Yeoh Tze Chung1030MAS 42b1 4w0 25b1 12w0 21b0 33b13,017,56,0011,0
25Goh Min Xuan0MAS 29w0 34b1 24w0 32b1 30w1 9b03,016,06,5010,0
26Liang Wen Khai0MAS 20b0 27w1 15b0 18w0 40w1 32b13,015,56,008,0
27Emily Chow Yuen Ming0MAS 9w0 26b0 35w1 33b1 20b0 38w13,015,55,508,0
28Teh Kai Bin1199MAS 16w½ 5b0 38w0 42b1 39w1 19b½3,015,05,758,5
29Tan Ru Jie1164MAS 25b1 15w1 2b0 3w0 13b½ 16w02,524,08,5012,0
30Chan Jun Yew0MAS 14b½ 13w1 12b0 23w0 25b0 39w12,519,07,259,0
31Goh Yan Qing1097MAS 39b1 6w0 22b1 10w0 11b0 18w02,019,54,5010,0
32Nicole Bon Yunn Qi1081MAS 19w0 8b0 41b1 25w0 37b1 26w02,016,03,006,0
33Tan Ru Yih1135MAS 43b1 10w0 14b0 27w0 36b1 24w02,016,02,508,0
34Samuel Kok Tung Lim0MAS 15b0 25w0 43b1 22w0 41b1 23w02,014,01,506,0
35Lee Wei Yi0MAS 23b0 22w0 27b0 42w½ 40b12,013,02,253,5
36Goh Suen Yean0MAS 21b0 11w0 37b0 43w1 33w0 42b12,012,51,504,0
37Lee Yee Wey0MAS 7w0 40b0 36w1 39b0 32w0 43b12,011,02,505,0
38Wong Zheng0MAS 18b0 41w½ 28b1 13w0 16w0 27b01,517,53,506,5
39Scormon Ho Rui Sheng0MAS 31w0 3b0 37w1 28b0 30b01,516,03,005,0
40Emily Tan Jia Qi0MAS 12b0 37w1 21b0 20w0 26b0 35w01,017,02,005,0
41Ho Hui Ni0MAS 1w0 38b½ 32w0 16b0 34w01,016,01,253,0
42Tang Qing-Yun Akrananda0MAS 24w0 13b0 28w0 35b½ 36w01,015,02,253,5
43Jun Wei Loh0MAS 33w0 17b0 34w0 36b0 37w00,511,50,501,0
44Cher Yee Xin0MAS -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,018,00,000,0
45Logaprakash Rajendran0MAS -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,018,00,000,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break