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SLSCA Juniors Individual Chess Festival '14 [Kurunegala District Selections] Under 7 Boys

Last update 25.05.2014 17:59:05, Creator/Last Upload: srilankachess

Starting rank

1Abekoon A M S KSRI0Wickramashila National School
2Abesinghe A A CSRI0Maliyadeva College
3Abesinghe A A C ISRI0Maliyadeva College
4Abeysinghe G A S DSRI0Royal International School
5Ahmed M I SSRI0Maliyadeva Model School
6Alfrad P H L ThejakaSRI0Sri Sumangala College
7Amarakoon A M Y HSRI0Maliyadeva College
8Amarasinghe A A D K SSRI0Mawathagama Central College
9Balachandra B A H NSRI0Maliyadeva College
10Bandara G A NSRI0Athugalpura Prince College
11Bibile Mihipathi JayasriSRI0Mawathagama Central College
12Bogammana G M P RSRI0Maliyadeva College
13Dananjaya M VSRI0Maliyadeva College
14Dassanayaka D M N DSRI0Maliyadeva Model School
15Dayarathne T SSRI0Athugalpura Prince College
16Deshapriya W A U ISRI0Maliyadeva Model School
17Dineth G G InduwaraSRI0Sri Sumangala College
18Dissanayaka D DSRI0Royal International School
19Dissanayake D M Samiru BhathilaSRI0Sri Sumangala College
20Dissanayake Thisula BandaraSRI0
21Ediriweera E K A Y RandayaSRI0S W R D Bandaranaike College,Kurune
22Ferdinendas T G Y SSRI0Maliyadeva College
23Gamage K O G A N MaheenSRI0Mawathagama Central College
24Henegama D N BSRI0Royal International School
25Herath H M S TSRI0Maliyadeva College
26Herath H M T RSRI0Wayamba Jayasanka College
27Induwara A A CSRI0Maliyadeva College
28Jayarathna P A D P SonalSRI0Maliyadeva Model School
29Jayathilake A A RSRI0Maliyadeva College
30Jayaweera S M M SSRI0
31Kahandawa K A Dinura HansithaSRI0
32Kularathna S SSRI0Royal International School
33Kulasingha W D Lakshan WishwanathaSRI0S W R D Bandaranaike College,Kurune
34Kulasingha W D Lakshith WishwanathSRI0S W R D Bandaranaike College,Kurune
35Landekumbura L M P S BSRI0Athugalpura Prince College
36Lewdeni L P T CSRI0Maliyadeva Model School
37Mapitigamaarachchi S MSRI0Maliyadeva College
38Nimnada S P DSRI0Maliyadeva College
39Nisan R D ThevinduSRI0Mawathagama Central College
40Nugaliyadda N A M H SahanSRI0S W R D Bandaranaike College,Kurune
41Pasindu H G I NSRI0Wickramashila National School
42Pathiraja P M A T VSRI0Maliyadeva Model School
43Pathiraja P M S DSRI0Wickramashila National School
44Pathirana H P T RSRI0Maliyadeva Model School
45Pathum H M ASRI0Dambadeniya Primary School
46Premarathna M ISRI0Maliyadeva College
47Rajapaksha R G VimashSRI0Mawathagama Central College
48Rajapaksha R M A SSRI0Maliyadeva Model School
49Rajapaksha T TSRI0Maliyadeva College
50Rathnayaka K G S RSRI0Maliyadeva Model School
51Rathnayake R M N DSRI0S W R D Bandaranaike College,Kurune
52Rathnayake R M P PSRI0S W R D Bandaranaike College,Kurune
53Rathnayake R M T CSRI0Athugalpura Prince College
54Roneth H K PSRI0Maliyadeva College
55Ruparathna H A R HSRI0Wickramashila National School
56Samarakoon S U SSRI0Wickramashila National School
57Senadeera K DSRI0Royal International School
58Senevirathne S D B KSRI0Maliyadeva College
59Silva P P ASRI0
60Siriwardena M T SSRI0Maliyadeva Model School
61Sooriyanayaka S M I SSRI0Maliyadeva Model School
62Tennakoon T M C KSRI0Wayamba Jayasanka College
63Thanthirigama U SSRI0Maliyadeva College
64Thejaka K G NSRI0S W R D Bandaranaike College,Kurune
65Thennakoon L MSRI0Athugalpura Prince College
66Thennakoon T M U BSRI0Mawathagama Central College
67Uduporuwa S BSRI0Maliyadeva College
68Vijesundara W M V BandaraSRI0Wayamba Royal College
69Vincent R L GSRI0Maliyadeva Model School
70Warnapura D DSRI0S W R D Bandaranaike College,Kurune
71Weerasinghe P ISRI0Royal International School
72Weerasinghe W A H ASRI0Dambadeniya Central College
73Weerawansha W C DSRI0Wickramashila National School
74Wellala W JSRI0Maliyadeva College
75Weragoda D NSRI0Maliyadeva College
76Wickramasingha W W A KSRI0S W R D Bandaranaike College,Kurune
77Wickramasinghe D P Y HSRI0Wickramashila National School
78Wijayasooriya A D U ISRI0Sri Sumangala College
79Wijesinghe D NSRI0Maliyadeva College
80Wijesinghe D NSRI0Maliyadeva College
81Wijesundara W M D BSRI0Maliyadeva College
82Wijesundara W M S G BandaraSRI0Mawathagama Central College