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JEPS 2014 - Regional Ibipora - Rapido Fem A

Last update 21.05.2014 18:41:49, Creator/Last Upload: fexpar- federação de xadrez do paraná

Starting rank list of players

7Antunes Gabriela LouiseBRA0Ibip – Teothonio Vilela, Ce
5Borges Ana Livia Glowaski FerBRA0Rold – Souza Naves, Ce
1Botelho Ana LuisaBRA0Ibip – Unidade Polo, Ce
4Ishikawa Juliana Harumi MarciBRA0Ldna - Interativa, C
3Pinto Kawane FredericoBRA0Ibip – Teothonio Vilela, Ce
6Silveira Beatriz BragaBRA0Ldna - Interativa, C
2Silveira Catarina BragaBRA0Ldna - Interativa, C