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Open U-15 KVS Rotating Trophy 2014

Last update 18.05.2014 13:28:20, Creator/Last Upload: gujarat state chess association

Starting rank

1Raj D VyasIND1383
2Aayush Pinakin BarotIND1361
3Shah VrushtiIND1215
4Priyanshu BaidIND1139
5Brahmbhatt HarshilIND0
6Dalal SahilIND0
7Kapoor Pruthvi PIND0
8Karmavat Sumit GIND0
9Paliwal RushabhIND0
10Parmar Maharshi HIND0
11Parmar Riya HIND0
12Patel Rudra PIND0
13Patel Samved SIND0
14Shah AashviIND0
15Shah KaranIND0
16Shah Vatsal HIND0
17Shrimali Rahul BIND0
18Utsav R RajparaIND0
19Vishwa VasnawalaIND0