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53th blitz at Kaissa Cafe

Last update 23.04.2014 19:46:47, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Manigodic BojanBIH1947
2Arvanitis GeorgiosGRE1937
3Harokopakis GeorgiosGRE1928
4Bouboulis Spyridon-OdysseysGRE1918
5Papasimakopoulos VasiliosGRE1906
6Psomiadis HaralamposGRE1898
7Ragios KonstantinosGRE1830
8Fanourgakis KonstantinosGRE1722
9Pagalis GeorgiosGRE1517
10Asvestas StavrosGRE1486
11Santorinaios IakovosGRE1350
12Nomikos KosmasGRE1241
13Tolias AndreasGRE1545ΣΟ ΠΕΡΙΣΤΕΡΙΟΥ
14Lytras IosifGRE1535
15Parlapanis PloutarhosGRE0