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Campionatul RM tineret F-12

Last update 26.04.2014 11:10:44, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of moldova

Starting rank

1Mocanu ValeriaMDA1592
2Lichii ElizavetaMDA1549
3Verbin ValentinaMDA1523
4Cotun MihaelaMDA1407
5Bejan ValeriaMDA0
6Belchina AnnaMDA0
7Cernenco LiliaMDA0
8Dorogan MariaMDA0
9Gilca MadalinaMDA0
10Morosan VladaMDA0
11Pobujanscaia AmaliaMDA0
12Rotaru ValentinaMDA0
13Sandetcaia LiudmilaMDA0
14Selevestru MariaMDA0
15Spinu AnisiaMDA0