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2nd Gideon Japhet Memorial Open A

Last update 26.07.2014 11:31:24, Creator/Last Upload: israel chess federation (licence 63)

Player info

NameAltshul Limor
Starting rank41
Rating national2039
Rating international1918
Performance rating1958
FIDE rtg +/-13,6
Year of birth 1998


11717Malisov Boris22642233ISR4,5s 040-4,40
21827FMGershkowich David21462197ISR5,5s 040-8,40
31926Poleg Matan21572268ISR3,5w 040-8,00
42245Sassoon Roei16881896ISR0,5s 1408,40
52138Poleg Dan19992109ISR3,5w 14024,40
61729Vaisberg Michael21222222ISR4,5w 14030,40
71528Erenberg Ariel21312236ISR5,0s 040-9,20
81733Calabrese Gabriel20492195ISR4,0w 040-12,80
91823Gal Moshe21922205ISR4,0s 040-6,80
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