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Festival Memorial Pedro Lezcano Torneo Internacional

Last update 04.05.2008 19:02:54, Creator/Last Upload: spanish federation (arbiter comitee)

Starting rank list of players

4GMBobras PiotrPOL2576
7GMBarlov DraganSRB2475
8IMGarcia Padron JoseESP2423
10IMOrtega Hermida DanielESP2406
2IMBrito Garcia AlfredoESP2349
1WGMVega Gutierrez SabrinaESP2311
3Ramirez Allo EduardoESP2289
9FMMenvielle Lacourrelle AugustoESP2257
6Perez Felipe Marcos AdrianESP2238
5Sanchez Quintero RaulCUB2172