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Last update 10.03.2014 20:05:56, Creator/Last Upload: mr. george georgopoulos

Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1BANIA AGGELIKI1212 17w1 10b1 8w0 13b1 4b½ 7w1 2w15,51,029,523,00
2DIMITRAKOPOULOS THEOFANIS1005 18w1 11b1 6b1 4w½ 3b1 5w1 1b05,50,031,023,00
3MITROPOULOS CHARALAMPOS0 5w1 8b0 9w1 14b1 2w0 12b1 4w15,02,030,020,50
4APOSTOLOPOULOS NIKOLAOS I.1320GRE 19b1 13w1 7b1 2b½ 1w½ 6w1 3b05,00,031,020,50
5SAMOUT-BATISTAS ALEXIOS-APOLL1005GRE 3b0 23w1 11w1 15b1 8w1 2b0 9w15,00,026,516,00
6STAMATOPOULOS GEORGIOS1410 15w1 14b1 2w0 8b1 7w½ 4b0 17w14,50,528,515,75
7PANAGIOTATOU NIKI-MARIA1005GRE 16w1 12b1 4w0 21w1 6b½ 1b0 8w14,50,526,513,75
8KATSIGIANNI KONSTANTINA1005GRE 23b1 3w1 1b1 6w0 5b0 13w1 7b04,00,029,515,50
9AMPARTZAKI IOANNA-ARTEMIS1005GRE 11b0 18w1 3b0 16b1 15w1 14w1 5b04,00,025,011,50
10LANAJ TEKI1000 22b1 1w0 21b0 11w1 12w0 16b1 15w14,00,021,010,50
11ALEXIOU ALEXANDROS0 9w1 2w0 5b0 10b0 17w1 19w1 13b½3,50,027,511,25
12TZOUMAKAS IOANNIS0 -1 7w0 13b0 23w1 10b1 3w0 14b½3,50,025,010,25
13NIKOPOULOU EKATERINI1000GRE 20w1 4b0 12w1 1w0 21b1 8b0 11w½3,50,024,58,25
14KONTIS HARALAMPOS1000 21w1 6w0 22b1 3w0 19b1 9b0 12w½3,50,022,57,50
15PANAGIOTOPOULOS IOANNIS1000GRE 6b0 16w1 20b1 5w0 9b0 18w1 10b03,00,024,06,50
16LAMPROPOULOS STAYROS0 7b0 15b0 -1 9w0 20b1 10w0 22b13,00,020,55,00
17ZEZOS STAVROS1000 1b0 22w0 23b1 20w1 11b0 21w1 6b03,00,020,05,00
18FILIPPOPOULOS NIKOLAOS0 2b0 9b0 19w0 -1 22w1 15b0 21w13,00,020,05,00
19ROZOU IOULIA1000GRE 4w0 21b0 18b1 22w1 14w0 11b0 20w½2,50,519,54,75
20TZAKOSTA MARIA0 13b0 -1 15w0 17b0 16w0 23b+ 19b½2,50,518,55,25
21MPAIRAKTARIS IOSIF0 14b0 19w1 10w1 7b0 13w0 17b0 18b02,00,023,56,50
22TAFLAMPAS NIKOLAOS0 10w0 17b1 14w0 19b0 18b0 -1 16w02,00,019,54,50
23KALAFATIS AGGELOS0 8w0 5b0 17w0 12b0 -1 20w- -01,00,020,51,00

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable

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