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66th National Schools Individual Championships 2014 - Senior Girls

Last update 22.03.2014 11:45:33, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Ang Chan YiTNSEastTao Nan Sch
2Ang Yi Jing EuniceRLPWestRulang Pr
3Chen YanwenRLPWestRulang Pr
4Cheong Wei ShanKCSSoutKheng Cheng Sch
5Chew Zhi LingNLPNortNorthland Pr
6Chiang Yee Ting IsabelleRGPSoutRaffles Girls' Pr
7Chong Magdalene ClarissaIJTSoutCHIJ Pr Toa Payoh
8Chong Yui Yi KaitlynSHPEastSt Hilda's Pr
9Choy Jia Ning GillianNYPWestNanyang Pr
10Chua Ying Gui JuliaMGPWestMGS Pr
11Chua Ying Li JolieMGPWestMGS Pr
12Darur Madhura LakshmiNLPNortNorthland Pr
13Duan Ning XinRGPSoutRaffles Girls' Pr
14Goh Guo LinNLPNortNorthland Pr
15Goh Su Huei SarahMGPWestMGS Pr
16Gupta AadyaNLPNortNorthland Pr
17He Ruoqing VivienRGPSoutRaffles Girls' Pr
18Hng Mei-Xian EuniceMGPWestMGS Pr
19Ho Grace ElizabethNYPWestNanyang Pr
20Lau Yun Xuan AverilSHPEastSt Hilda's Pr
21Lee Hui LingSCPSoutSCGS Pr
22Lew PhebeNYPWestNanyang Pr
23Lim SungKCSSoutKheng Cheng Sch
24Lim Wan Yu SteffiNLPNortNorthland Pr
25Ling Sze Yee GladysTNSEastTao Nan Sch
26Low Yi Xuan AlexisNLPNortNorthland Pr
27Ng Kai Li KellyRLPWestRulang Pr
28Ng MarissaNYPWestNanyang Pr
29Ng Soo Yee VictoriaNLPNortNorthland Pr
30Ng Wei Teng ClaireNLPNortNorthland Pr
31Ong Ying Xin FaithNYPWestNanyang Pr
32R ShahanaSCPSoutSCGS Pr
33San Ying EdithNYPWestNanyang Pr
34Sim Shi Min CharmaineRGPSoutRaffles Girls' Pr
35Soh KrystalNYPWestNanyang Pr
36Soo Yen NingRLPWestRulang Pr
37Tan Kai Lin StephanieRGPSoutRaffles Girls' Pr
38Tan Jing Wen VanessaNHPWestNan Hua Pr
39Tan LisaSBPNortSembawang Pr
40Tan PhoebeFMPSoutFairfield Methodist Pr
41Tan Wei Yen ShinaRGPSoutRaffles Girls' Pr
42Tan Ying En AshleyRGPSoutRaffles Girls' Pr
43Tang Pin HuiKCSSoutKheng Cheng Sch
44Teo KellyNLPNortNorthland Pr
45Teo Xiu Lin NicoleTNSEastTao Nan Sch
46Teo Yi Ting VictoriaMGPWestMGS Pr
47Tin RuiqiNYPWestNanyang Pr
48Woo Mei Qi AuroraRSSNortRosyth Sch
49Wu JingyaRLPWestRulang Pr
50Xiao JingyiSCPSoutSCGS Pr
51Yuen Mei HuiSMPSoutSt Margaret's Pr
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