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66th National Schools Individual Championships 2014 - B Division Boys

Last update 22.03.2014 11:46:43, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Ahnt Htoo MyatNUSWestNUS High
2Ang Kok Quan NicholasACISoutACS Independent
3Ang Zheng YongHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
4Aryan RivaMFSNortMontfort Sec
5Aw Khai LoongNUSWestNUS High
6Chai Ming HowJYSWestJuying Sec
7Chan Chee YongACISoutACS Independent
8Chee Jae KerrNUSWestNUS High
9Chee Yong Lin JonathanHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
10Chen YeeSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
11Chia PsalmsYTSNortYishun Town Sec
12Chim Qi Hng SeanYTSNortYishun Town Sec
13Chng Huan QiYTSNortYishun Town Sec
14Chow DarrylNUSWestNUS High
15Chua Kai JunSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
16Dayanithy RajagopulanTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
17Edward JonathanNUSWestNUS High
18Ee Guan Ying RickYTSNortYishun Town Sec
19Evander AriefTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
20Ganesh KumarMFSNortMontfort Sec
21Goh Kai Ning SebastianACBSoutACS Barker
22Guo Shi Yu WilliamRISSoutRaffles Institution
23Huang TianchenNUSWestNUS High
24Hydee Qurniawan B RosliNASEastNgee Ann Sec
25Jordan Rayman ThomasSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
26Kaiman DaveNJCSoutNational JC
27Kalanithy RajagopalanTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
28Kee Jia Ming GeorgeDMHEastDunman High
29Khaarthik KumarNUSWestNUS High
30Khoo Yijie JeremyACISoutACS Independent
31Khor Chong Ming ElijahACBSoutACS Barker
32Koon Meng Xiang DylanYTSNortYishun Town Sec
33Kuang Hao Peng KelvinYTSNortYishun Town Sec
34Lam Tze KingNUSWestNUS High
35Lau Chee Yang AdrianNASEastNgee Ann Sec
36Le Tran KienNJCSoutNational JC
37Lee Jia Ming JustinNASEastNgee Ann Sec
38Lee Kai Jie EdwardACISoutACS Independent
39Lee Wei MinHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
40Lee Yang PengDMHEastDunman High
41Lei Hong Jun JasperMFSNortMontfort Sec
42Leonardo PrayogoACISoutACS Independent
43Leong Hen-Wen BenjaminYTSNortYishun Town Sec
44Leong Jun Yang RyanSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
45Liew Cheng WeiTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
46Liew Soon HaoDMHEastDunman High
47Lim BenjaminACISoutACS Independent
48Lim De Li DerekACISoutACS Independent
49Lim Kang EthanACBSoutACS Barker
50Lim Li He ShaunACISoutACS Independent
51Lim Si HengHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
52Loh Yong ZeeNUSWestNUS High
53Loke WesleyMFSNortMontfort Sec
54Low Kang ShengNASEastNgee Ann Sec
55Luqman Nurhakim B AzmanYTSNortYishun Town Sec
56Namuduri Venkata RaghavACISoutACS Independent
57Neo Cheng Wei EugeneTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
58Ng Jun JieYTSNortYishun Town Sec
59Ng Ren YongHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
60Ng Wee Hong BrendanHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
61Nistala Rishi Kameswaran YeshayahuRISSoutRaffles Institution
62Ong Hong Ming TeddyNUSWestNUS High Sch
63Ong Jun Xue CalvinHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
64Ong Zheng Long CliveACISoutACS Independent
65Ow SheldonSJISoutSt Joseph's Institution
66Pandian ThilakYTSNortYishun Town Sec
67Pei ChengyiHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
68Peng Jing Ming JasonSJISoutSt Joseph's Institution
69Png ClementMFSNortMontfort Sec
70Puah YihaoMSHNortMaris Stella High
71Quek Wei Jian EugeneSHSEastSt Hilda's Sec
72Rahman AmitNUSWestNUS High
73Rangopal VenkateswaranRISSoutRaffles Institution
74Ravichandran VikramRISSoutRaffles Institution
75Rohin SinghVTSEastVictoria Sch
76See Hak Guan AlfredYTSNortYishun Town Sec
77Shi Wen YIRISSoutRaffles Institution
78Shum Rui YuanACISoutACS Independent
79Sia Yukang NathanielSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
80Soh Isaak EthanACISoutACS Independent
81Swaminathan VarunYTSNortYishun Town Sec
82Tan Chong Hien AndrewHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
83Tan Jin Chew AndrewRISSoutRaffles Institution
84Tan Juay HeeHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
85Tan Wei Jie SolomonHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
86Tan Yang Han JoelSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
87Tang YanfengACBSoutACS Barker
88Tay Tze Kiat JonathanRISSoutRaffles Institution
89Tay Ying Wen WilliamHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
90Teng Wei Yan BryanDMHEastDunman High
91Teo Boon Kiat JoelDMHEastDunman High
92Teo KeaneHCHWestHwa Chong Institution (High)
93Teo Xu Yuan NicholasVTSEastVictoria Sch
94Teoh ColinNASEastNgee Ann Sec
95Tey Tong Zhi TimothySASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
96Thirumoorthy DivagarRISSoutRaffles Institution
97Toh JeraldACISoutACS Independent
98Toh JonathanNJCSoutNational JC
99Tran Minh HoangACISoutACS Independent
100Wee KennethMFSNortMontfort Sec
101Wong JustinNUSWestNUS High
102Wu Jian Zhong TimothyRISSoutRaffles Institution
103Xu HongtingDMHEastDunman High
104Yap Jun Yan RufusYTSNortYishun Town Sec
105Yeo AdrielSASSoutSt Andrew's Sec
106Yeo Han Justin AbelACISoutACS Independent
107Yeo Kok Wei AdrianACISoutACS Independent
108Yick BenjaminACISoutACS Independent
109Yong Hui TingTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
110YuvanshankarTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
111Zhou YangACISoutACS Independent
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