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David Bronstein Memorial 2014 tournament B

Last update 19.02.2014 13:25:54, Creator/Last Upload: BELARUS CHESS FEDERATION

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Sadovski Mikhail2093BLR 52b1 49w1 10b1 42w1 4b½ 11w½ 2w½ 8b1 12w17,553,041,042,75
2Bashirli Nail Qoshqar1940AZE 81w½ 63b1 12w1 7b1 11w½ 43w1 1b½ 18w1 4b17,550,039,541,75
3Liashchonak Siarhei0BLR 34w1 15b1 17b½ 44w1 9w½ 7b½ 5w½ 13b1 14w17,053,041,540,25
4Lopatik Nikita1964BLR 87b1 98w1 20b1 6w1 1w½ 18b½ 11b1 17w1 2w07,051,541,037,50
5Drogovoz Irina1981RUS 70b1 37w1 11b0 19w½ 35b1 69w1 3b½ 22w1 18b17,045,535,033,50
6Maksimov Dmitri2086RUS 78w1 50b1 28w1 4b0 25w1 17b½ 8w0 11b1 30w16,549,539,033,25
7Kazakovskiy Valeriy2035BLR 58b1 32w½ 60b1 2w0 27b1 3w½ 51b½ 20w1 17b16,549,037,533,25
8Naghdiyev Niyazi Siyavush1916AZE 56w1 77w1 44b½ 45b½ 33w1 21w½ 6b1 1w0 29b16,547,536,032,75
9Badelka Olga1902BLR 86w1 36b1 45w½ 46w1 3b½ 42w½ 21b1 12b0 23w16,545,535,531,50
10Ponyavin Dmitriy1946BLR 74w1 24b1 1w0 48b0 79b1 59w1 43b½ 46w1 21b16,542,532,028,75
11Zarubitski Viachaslau1885BLR 95w1 23b1 5w1 13w1 2b½ 1b½ 4w0 6w0 33b16,054,044,533,00
12Svjatocho Andrej2098BLR 60b½ 47w1 2b0 64w1 69b½ 28b1 15w1 9w1 1b06,049,538,530,50
13Fedotov Nikita2015RUS 71w1 41b1 25w1 11b0 34w½ 32b½ 16w1 3w0 37b16,047,537,029,50
14Khazankin Moisei2071UKR 47b½ 83w1 27b1 17w½ 42b0 25w1 44b1 32w1 3b06,045,035,028,50
15Aliev Ravan Azar1968AZE 66b1 3w0 64b½ 83w1 19b½ 48w1 12b0 61w1 32b16,042,032,024,50
16Faizutdinova Diana1862RUS 22b1 44w0 84b1 21w0 72b1 77w1 13b0 49w1 43b16,041,532,525,50
17Kalinouski Siarhei1958BLR 79w1 26b1 3w½ 14b½ 23w1 6w½ 46b1 4b0 7w05,551,541,528,25
18WFMNasybullina Alfia2093RUS 19w0 39b1 78w1 49b1 28w1 4w½ 42b1 2b0 5w05,549,038,026,00
19WFMAssaubayeva Bibissara1836KAZ 18b1 42w0 98b+ 5b½ 15w½ 30b½ 36w1 23b0 50w15,547,536,529,25
20Kovalevsky Stanislav1846BLR 82w1 54b1 4w0 33b0 24w1 23b½ 26w1 7b0 42w15,547,037,025,75
21Poleshchuk Viktor1973BLR 39w1 80b½ 40w½ 16b1 48w1 8b½ 9w0 51b1 10w05,546,537,026,25
22Struneuski Aliaksandr0BLR 16w0 71b1 41w1 25b0 38w1 62b1 45w1 5b0 28w½5,546,035,524,75
23Rudoi Yury2025BLR 35b1 11w0 58b1 51w1 17b0 20w½ 69b1 19w1 9b05,545,035,024,25
24Khrapko Marharyta1708BLR 31b1 10w0 43b0 37w1 20b0 85w1 27b½ 47w1 44b15,544,035,024,75
25Drogovoz Maria1929RUS 97b1 53w1 13b0 22w1 6b0 14b0 78w1 31w½ 48b15,543,035,021,75
26Norov Artem1742BLR 43b1 17w0 29b½ 27w0 83b1 47w1 20b0 58w1 46b15,542,534,023,25
27Minald Andrey1895BLR 85w½ 93b1 14w0 26b1 7w0 35b½ 24w½ 55b1 45w15,542,033,023,25
28Soyunlu Narmin1933AZE 88w1 84b1 6b0 72w1 18b0 12w0 39b1 53w1 22b½5,541,532,520,75
29Saxonov Leonid2058BLR 65w1 38b0 26w½ 47b0 71w1 78b1 55w1 42b1 8w05,541,531,522,75
30Chubarov Alexei1955BLR 73b0 70w1 69b0 66w1 90b1 19w½ 58b1 43w1 6b05,538,028,022,00
31Kaliadzich Maryia2021BLR 24w0 79b1 91w1 34b0 78w0 90b1 60w1 25b½ 51w15,537,529,520,75
32Zmushko Filipp1889BLR 92w1 7b½ 33w½ 36b1 45w½ 13w½ 50b1 14b0 15w05,046,037,023,00
33Kusenkova Natallia1996BLR 68b1 59w½ 32b½ 20w1 8b0 51w0 52b1 34w1 11w05,045,535,023,75
34Ostapchik Anton1889BLR 3b0 74w1 37b1 31w1 13b½ 46w0 53b½ 33b0 64w15,045,034,523,25
35Antonovich Tatiana1718BLR 23w0 92b1 54w1 40b½ 5w0 27w½ 49b½ 36b½ 62w+5,043,534,021,50
36Revo Tatiana2060BLR 55b1 9w0 59b1 32w0 52b1 50w½ 19b0 35w½ 65b15,043,032,522,00
37Kozlov Aleksandr V0BLR 76w1 5b0 34w0 24b0 65w1 70b1 80w1 62b1 13w05,042,032,018,50
38Ganichev Aleksei1904BLR 72b1 29w1 42b0 43w0 22b0 81w1 59b1 45b½ 40w½5,040,532,021,25
39Vaitsiakhouski Yauheni1567BLR 21b0 18w0 94b1 54b0 56w1 82b1 28w0 80b1 60w+5,037,029,516,50
40Brovko Nadezhda1942BLR 83b½ 96w1 21b½ 35w½ 46b0 58w0 73b1 71w1 38b½5,035,028,017,50
41Andreev Volodymyr1885UKR 67b1 13w0 22b0 79w0 97b1 72w1 61b0 70b1 59w+5,034,527,016,50
42Khachatryan Hayk1967ARM 90w1 19b1 38w1 1b0 14w1 9b½ 18w0 29w0 20b04,550,039,022,75
43Sarichev Sergey2030BLR 26w0 90b1 24w1 38b1 50w1 2b0 10w½ 30b0 16w04,549,538,521,75
44Rosikhin Igor1990BLR 91w1 16b1 8w½ 3b0 47w1 45b½ 14w0 48b½ 24w04,546,537,020,50
45Litvinov Alexandr2012BLR 69b1 73w1 9b½ 8w½ 32b½ 44w½ 22b0 38w½ 27b04,545,535,520,75
46Talma Sergei2011BLR 63w½ 81b1 80w1 9b0 40w1 34b1 17w0 10b0 26w04,544,034,518,00
47Stsepkina Katsiaryna1781BLR 14w½ 12b0 81w1 29w1 44b0 26b0 63w1 24b0 74b14,543,534,519,00
48Shynkevich Pavel1838BLR 98b0 97w1 53b1 10w1 21b0 15b0 77w+ 44w½ 25w04,542,534,518,75
49Ivannikau Maksim1926BLR 61w1 1b0 56w1 18w0 59b0 79b1 35w½ 16b0 71w14,542,532,016,75
50Gordeenja Valerij1922BLR 94b1 6w0 61b1 77w1 43b0 36b½ 32w0 69w1 19b04,540,031,516,50
51Zakrzheuski Vladislav1857BLR 84w0 88b1 75w1 23b0 82w1 33b1 7w½ 21w0 31b04,540,031,017,25
52Tavakalov Stanislav1826BLR 1w0 61b0 85w1 56b1 36w0 75b1 33w0 79b1 53w½4,539,029,015,25
53Zyskin Siarhei0BLR 75w1 25b0 48w0 91b1 80w½ 54b1 34w½ 28b0 52b½4,538,030,016,75
54WFMBelko Irina2020BLR 64b1 20w0 35b0 39w1 58b½ 53w0 71b0 87w1 61b14,537,529,017,50
55Artsiomau Stanislau1750BLR 36w0 56b0 88w1 86b½ 74w1 63b1 29b0 27w0 73b14,536,528,515,00
56Galkin Gleb0BLR 8b0 55w1 49b0 52w0 39b0 87w½ 84b1 90w+ 80w14,536,527,016,00
57Kolodko Mikhail1764BLR 77b0 72w0 74b½ 82b0 93w0 96w1 95b1 81w1 69b14,527,021,011,75
58Smetanin Alexandr1744BLR 7w0 86b1 23w0 75b1 54w½ 40b1 30w0 26b0 63w½4,043,033,515,75
59Aniskovich Aleksandr0BLR 62w1 33b½ 36w0 80b½ 49w1 10b0 38w0 78b1 41b-4,042,032,516,50
60Saulin Yury1837RUS 12w½ 85b1 7w0 63b0 70w½ 67b1 31b0 66w1 39b-4,040,531,514,75
61Boiko Aleksei0BLR 49b0 52w1 50w0 65b1 62w0 76b1 41w1 15b0 54w04,040,531,016,50
62Buchkov Yuri1940BLR 59b0 66w1 73b1 69w0 61b1 22w0 64b1 37w0 35b-4,039,030,015,50
63Buzhan Aleksandr1673BLR 46b½ 2w0 96b1 60w1 77b0 55w0 47b0 89w1 58b½4,038,029,012,75
64Vakhitov Dmitri1695BLR 54w0 95b1 15w½ 12b0 86w1 80b½ 62w0 67b1 34b04,037,529,513,00
65Mukovozchik Evgeny1746BLR 29b0 67w1 77b0 61w0 37b0 97w1 74w1 82b1 36w04,035,528,511,50
66Sluchak Kiryl1562BLR 15w0 62b0 95w1 30b0 67w0 86b1 75w1 60b0 82w14,035,527,511,50
67Palkhouski Pavel0BLR 41w0 65b0 90w0 88b1 66b1 60w0 68b1 64w0 78w+4,034,027,014,00
68Konyshko Ivan1658BLR 33w0 75b0 86w0 92b1 81w0 94b1 67w0 85b1 79w14,028,021,010,00
69Stashis Anna1687BLR 45w0 82b1 30w1 62b1 12w½ 5b0 23w0 50b0 57w03,545,035,016,00
70Rumak Danila1582BLR 5w0 30b0 92w½ 93b1 60b½ 37w0 72b1 41w0 75w½3,538,529,011,25
71Veretennikov Vladimir1693BLR 13b0 22w0 97b1 84w½ 29b0 93w1 54w1 40b0 49b03,538,030,510,00
72Grigoryan Gor M.0ARM 38w0 57b1 76w1 28b0 16w0 41b0 70w0 88b½ 91w13,537,529,011,75
73Drobyshevsky Vasily1465BLR 30w1 45b0 62w0 78b0 89w½ 92b1 40w0 76b1 55w03,536,028,012,75
74Romanovskij Nikita1418BLR 10b0 34b0 57w½ 96w1 55b0 84w1 65b0 91b1 47w03,536,028,09,25
75Ustiugov Boris0BLR 53b0 68w1 51b0 58w0 87b1 52w0 66b0 83w1 70b½3,535,027,511,75
76Lintchevski Lev1901RUS 37b0 87w1 72b0 90w0 84b1 61w0 81b½ 73w0 92b13,531,023,510,00
77Belous Mikhail2068UKR 57w1 8b0 65w1 50b0 63w1 16b0 48b- -0 -03,043,032,512,50
78Zhuk Ivan1808BLR 6b0 94w1 18b0 73w1 31b1 29w0 25b0 59w0 67b-3,042,534,011,00
79Zhukovich Vasil1469BLR 17b0 31w0 89b1 41b1 10w0 49w0 85b1 52w0 68b03,040,031,09,50
80WFMDavydova Natalia1852BLR 89b1 21w½ 46b0 59w½ 53b½ 64w½ 37b0 39w0 56b03,039,031,011,75
81Kamchytski Alexandr1368BLR 2b½ 46w0 47b0 85w½ 68b1 38b0 76w½ 57b0 86w½3,039,029,012,25
82Vainerchuk Raman0BLR 20b0 69w0 87b1 57w1 51b0 39w0 83b1 65w0 66b03,036,528,010,50
83Matkovski Artem1409BLR 40w½ 14b0 93w1 15b0 26w0 89b½ 82w0 75b0 96w13,035,528,07,75
84Terekhov Dmitriy0RUS 51b1 28w0 16w0 71b½ 76w0 74b0 56w0 93b1 88w½3,035,527,010,00
85Lashkevich Andrei0BLR 27b½ 60w0 52b0 81b½ 91w1 24b0 79w0 68w0 95b+3,034,527,09,25
86Kallaur Kseniya0BLR 9b0 58w0 68b1 55w½ 64b0 66w0 87b0 97w1 81b½3,034,526,59,25
87Stsepkina Yauheniya1499BLR 4w0 76b0 82w0 94b1 75w0 56b½ 86w1 54b0 89w½3,033,024,08,25
88Aslanov Umid Fuad0AZE 28b0 51w0 55b0 67w0 94w0 -1 92b1 72w½ 84b½3,030,523,58,25
89Vainerchuk Barys0BLR 80w0 91b0 79w0 -1 73b½ 83w½ 90w½ 63b0 87b½3,028,021,59,00
90Molokovich Aleksei1547BLR 42b0 43w0 67b1 76b1 30w0 31w0 89b½ 56b- -02,537,029,08,25
91Gulik Igor1626BLR 44b0 89w1 31b0 53w0 85b0 95w½ 93b1 74w0 72b02,531,023,56,00
92Mihailova Alina0MDA 32b0 35w0 70b½ 68w0 96b1 73w0 88w0 94b1 76w02,530,023,55,25
93Jang Soohan0KOR 96b½ 27w0 83b0 70w0 57b1 71b0 91w0 84w0 97b12,528,521,56,75
94Bury Yahor0BLR 50w0 78b0 39w0 87w0 88b1 68w0 97b½ 92w0 -12,527,521,55,25
95Parhamovich Iryna0BLR 11b0 64w0 66b0 97w0 -1 91b½ 57w0 96b½ 85w-2,029,021,54,00
96Alexandersson Filip0SWE 93w½ 40b0 63w0 74b0 92w0 57b0 -1 95w½ 83b02,028,522,03,75
97Baranova Valentina0BLR 25w0 48b0 71w0 95b1 41w0 65b0 94w½ 86b0 93w01,531,023,53,00
98Vorobiev Vladimir0BLR 48w1 4b0 19w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -01,035,526,54,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable

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