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International Chess Festival "OPEN IASI" 1st Edition

Last update 18.05.2014 14:27:26, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 30)

Player info

NameIonescu Doru-Alexandru
Starting rank48
Rating national2342
Rating international2342
Performance rating2300
FIDE rtg +/-0,7
Club/CityCs Universitar Ploiesti
Year of birth 1971


147152IMatei Stefan-Razvan17611761ROUCs Colosseum Giurgiu5,0w 1
246103IParlog Stefan20052059ROUCs Politehnica Iasi1,5s 1
31925GMBadea Bela24912491ROUCs Dinamo Bucuresti5,5w ½
41723IMArdelean George-Catalin24962504ROUCs Studentesc Medicina Timisoa6,5s ½
51519IMMiron Lucian-Costin25242509ROUAcs De Sah Apa Nova Bucuresti6,0w 0
63284CMSava Bogdan21122113ROUCs Sfinxul Iasi4,5s ½
73597CMDulman Egmond-Gabriel20482067ROUCs Sfinxul Iasi4,5w 1
83078ISava Catalin-Vasile21502150ROUCs Universitar Brasov5,0s ½
932105IBanzea Alexandru-Bogdan19891998ROUAcs De Sah Apa Nova Bucuresti5,0w 1
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