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74th Armenian Championship. The Highest League

Last update 21.01.2014 18:22:27, Creator/Last Upload: chess house

Starting rank list of players

2GMPetrosian Tigran L.13301616ARM26542664Yerevan
6GMMelkumyan Hrant13302485ARM26252646Yerevan
9GMAndriasian Zaven13302000ARM26212624Yerevan
7GMPashikian Arman13301578ARM26052600Yerevan
4GMHovhannisyan Robert Ar.13302507ARM25922617Yerevan
5GMGrigoryan Karen H.13301004ARM25842548Yerevan
8GMTer-Sahakyan Samvel13302531ARM25742585Vanadzor
3GMGrigoryan Avetik13302191ARM25712578Yerevan
10GMBabujian Levon13301993ARM25002513Yerevan
1GMKotanjian Tigran13301250ARM25002502Yerevan