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GCA 2013 National Championships

Last update 29.12.2013 20:34:47, Creator/Last Upload: ghana chess-federation

Starting rank

1Hasford JohnGHA2095Dansoman Chess Club
2Anquandah FrancisGHA1996Lome Chess Club
3Bonsu KwadwoGHA1818
4Thompson EdwardGHA1742Alisa Chess Club
5Ameku PhilipGHA1611Dansoman Chess Club
6Nkrumah SekouGHA1558Alisa Chess Club
7Jamena MensahGHA1547Legon Chess Club
8Arko-Dadzie GeorgeGHA1517Robi Chess Club
9Osom DanielGHA1500Dansoman Chess Club
10Sosu EdwardGHA1462Nightmare Chess Club
11Kpodo EvansGHA1448Ringway Chess Club
12Gabah RichardGHA1446Legon Chess Club
13Hushie CarltonGHA1417Legon Chess Club
14Amexo AmbroseGHA1414Nightmare Chess Club
15Asmah VeronGHA1400Legon Chess Club
16Nassah RichardGHA1360Legon Chess Club