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Championnat National Individuel (Blitz) 2013

Last update 29.12.2013 13:56:08, Creator/Last Upload: fédération mauritanienne des échecs

Starting rank

1FMBoydia SidiMTN2063NKTT
2CMHamam BrahimMTN2055NKTT
3CMTaleb Mohamed AhmedMTN2007NKTT
4CMSidi Mbareck MohamedMTN1986NKTT
5CMYahi Mohamed SalemMTN1879NKTT
6Kreiked Aly MoctarMTN1843NKTT
7Sid Ahmed ElmahmoudMTN1697ZTE
8Nocha SidahmedMTN1646NKTT
9Cheikh Ahmed IshakMTN1642NKTT
10Mohamed Lemine Ahmedou BambaMTN1630ATAR
11Mohamed Salem AhmedMTN1583NKTT
12Elhaj Med ElbechirMTN1582NKTT
13Cheiguer Mohamed AbdallahiMTN1403NKTT
14Babahmed AbdellahMTN0NKTT
15Boubacar ElemineMTN0NDB
16Ebnou SidahmedMTN0
17Hamada Beya GhoulamMTN0NDB
18Haroun IshakMTN0NKTT
19Med Salem GhaylaniMTN0ZTE
20Abdi Abdi SidiMTN0