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Weihnachtsblitzturnier 2013 Zürich

Last update 28.12.2013 22:45:00, Creator: Georg Kradolfer,Last Upload: Rahel Umbach

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMMareco Sandro2581ARG 58w1 47b1 16w1 13b1 3w1 8b1 21w1 2b0 12w18,054,0459,0
2GMSethuraman S.P.2553IND 31w1 40b1 20w1 3b0 16w1 18b1 13w1 1w1 5b½7,556,5440,0
3GMKovalenko Igor2643LAT 60b1 64w1 15b1 2w1 1b0 12w1 4b1 10w1 6b½7,556,0453,0
4GMSebenik Matej2496SLO 63w1 26b1 48w1 8b½ 5w1 6b½ 3w0 16b1 15w17,054,0440,5
5GMFier Alexandr2572BRA 91b1 38w1 9b1 10w½ 4b0 14w1 23w1 8b1 2w½7,054,0430,5
6GMGrachev Boris2669RUS 95w1 24b1 18w0 49b1 32w1 4w½ 22b1 21b1 3w½7,049,0432,0
7IMMoor Olivier2369SUI 33b1 37w1 61b1 21w½ 10b0 31w½ 34b1 19w1 14b17,048,0426,0
8GMCvitan Ognjen2558SUI 52b1 65w1 14b1 4w½ 23b1 1w0 9b1 5w0 25w16,553,5437,0
9FMVulevic Vjekoslav2341SUI 17w1 51b1 5w0 50b1 47w½ 11b1 8w0 24b1 21w16,550,5440,0
10GMPikula Dejan2499SRB 66b1 41w1 75b1 5b½ 7w1 21w0 47b1 3b0 23w16,549,5434,0
11Jashari Nuhi2097SUI 69b1 12w½ 29b1 22b0 17w1 9w0 74b1 27w1 32b16,547,5408,5
12GMTurner Matthew J2509SCO 70w1 11b½ 34w½ 26b1 64w1 3b0 20w1 18b1 1b06,052,5407,0
13IMMozharov Mikhail2535RUS 88b1 49w1 32b1 1w0 19b1 15w1 2b0 14w0 41b16,051,0418,5
14FMFejzullahu Afrim2341SUI 71w1 44b1 8w0 51b1 54w1 5b0 35w1 13b1 7w06,049,5402,5
15FMTurdyev Anvar2361SUI 76w1 50b1 3w0 37b1 34w1 13b0 26w1 39b1 4b06,049,0408,5
16FMErmeni Avni2302SUI 77b1 82w1 1b0 36w1 2b0 51w1 31b1 4w0 35b16,048,5418,0
17Moroni Luca1862ITA 9b0 42w1 41b1 24w½ 11b0 55w1 49b1 22w½ 34b16,048,0399,5
18FMHauge Lars Oskar2321NOR 83b1 72w1 6b1 23w0 61b1 2w0 60b1 12w0 37b16,046,0412,0
19Mittelberger Peter2258AUT 81w1 36b1 22w0 35b1 13w0 44b1 63w1 7b0 39w16,046,0381,5
20Haas Carmi2204SUI100b1 43w1 2b0 48w½ 60b½ 82w1 12b0 50w1 31b16,041,0410,0
21GMSengupta Deep2570IND 46w1 30b1 25w1 7b½ 22w1 10b1 1b0 6w0 9b05,556,0415,0
22IMArapovic Vitomir2358BIH 28b1 55w½ 19b1 11w1 21b0 33w1 6w0 17b½ 30w½5,551,5407,0
23FMGrünenwald Jörg2341SUI 59b1 29w½ 55b1 18b1 8w0 48w1 5b0 47w1 10b05,549,5410,5
24Drechsler Christoph2200SUI 86w1 6w0 62b1 17b½ 33w0 54b1 28w1 9w0 52b15,546,0393,5
25FMMelkumjanc Nikolaj2216GER -1 67w1 21b0 60w½ 31b0 62w1 52b1 48w1 8b05,542,0384,0
26Arcuti Davide2092SUI 97b1 4w0 66b1 12w0 83b1 61w1 15b0 33w½ 48b15,541,5402,5
27Wüest Andrin2222SUI 80w1 48b0 95w1 31b½ 62w1 47b0 57w1 11b0 43w15,540,0373,5
28Schweizer Samuel1885SUI 22w0 84b1 50w0 56b1 49w½ 85b1 24b0 62w1 55b15,539,5376,5
29Mikavica Dragoljub2051SUI 98w1 23b½ 11w0 33b0 53b0 77w1 61b1 74w1 47b15,538,5382,0
30Adamantidis Panayotis2122SUI 75b0 21w0 94b1 59w1 52b0 69w1 66b1 60w1 22b½5,538,0391,0
31Berset Alan1964SUI 2b0 94w1 38b1 27w½ 25w1 7b½ 16w0 40b1 20w05,050,0389,0
32FMVucicevic Moma2303SRB 87w1 35b1 13w0 44b1 6b0 74w1 39w0 63b1 11w05,045,5387,5
33Schwander Lukas1903SUI 7w0 99b1 57w½ 29w1 24b1 22b0 40w½ 26b½ 56w½5,045,0372,5
34IMKelecevic Nedeljko2232SUI102b1 62w½ 12b½ 82w1 15b0 36w1 7w0 44b1 17w05,044,0388,0
35Balg Matthias2046SUI 78b1 32w0 67b1 19w0 69b1 65w1 14b0 56b1 16w05,042,5379,0
36Portmann Daniel2031SUI 53w1 19w0 43b1 16b0 68w1 34b0 56w0 87b1 63w15,042,0371,0
37Fischer Lukas2088SUI 99w1 7b0 71w1 15w0 89b1 39b0 68w1 54b1 18w05,041,5363,0
38Kradolfer Georg2124SUI 68w1 5b0 31w0 71b1 39w0 -0 86b1 53w1 60b15,040,5341,5
39Pfau Michael1984GER 62b0 89w1 64b0100w1 38b1 37w1 32b1 15w0 19b05,040,0369,5
40Heer Stephan2106GER 94b1 2w0 88b1 61w0 66b1 52w½ 33b½ 31w0 70b15,039,5385,0
41Brunner Werner2094SUI 96w1 10b0 17w0 68b0 86w1 73b1 83w1 59b1 13w05,039,5361,0
42Bozicevic Falko0GER 51w0 17b0 86w1 63b0 46w1 71b1 50b0 82w1 72b15,038,0356,5
43Osmani Xhevdet0SUI 92w1 20b0 36w0 76b0 70w1 87b1 82b1 49w1 27b05,038,0348,0
44Schweizer Simon2064SUI103b1 14w0 83b1 32w0 67b1 19w0 75b1 34w0 66b15,037,0375,0
45Koch Hermann H.2026SUI 61b0 80w1 53b½ 74w0 58b1 49w0 67b½ 84w1 68b15,035,0355,5
46Schröter Michael1971SUI 21b0 75w0 97b1 90w0 42b0 98w1 89b1 67w1 65b15,032,0346,0
47Wirz Heinz2140SUI 89b1 1w0 52b1 75w1 9b½ 27w1 10w0 23b0 29w04,548,5400,5
48Ballmer Boris2008SUI 56w1 27w1 4b0 20b½ 85w1 23b0 64w1 25b0 26w04,546,5382,0
49Issler Christian2101SUI 90w1 13b0 76w1 6w0 28b½ 45b1 17w0 43b0 75w14,544,5372,5
50Altenburger RenĂ©2076SUI 93w1 15w0 28b1 9w0 75b1 63b0 42w1 20b0 59w½4,544,0364,0
51Wehrle Uwe2071GER 42b1 9w0 59b1 14w0 90b1 16b0 54w0 75w½ 74b14,542,5381,0
52Nagy Laszlo1968GER 8w0 79b1 47w0 96b1 30w1 40b½ 25w0 57b1 24w04,542,5367,0
53Wueest Walter0SUI 36b0 -1 45w½ 85b0 29w1 57b0 58w1 38b0 80w14,540,5294,0
54Studer Vital Alexander0SUI 82b0 77w1 73b1 65w1 14b0 24w0 51b1 37w0 62b½4,539,5373,5
55Beney Eddy2065SUI 84w1 22b½ 23w0 62b0 99w1 17b0 76w1 88b1 28w04,538,0373,0
56Cakir Isa2185SUI 48b0 74w1 60b0 28w0100b1 89w1 36b1 35w0 33b½4,537,0372,0
57Preziuso Toni2084SUI 67b0 81w1 33b½ 69w1 74b0 53w1 27b0 52w0 78b14,537,0351,5
58Bürge Reto1990SUI 1b0 73w½ 74b0 84b1 45w0 92w1 53b0 94b1 79w14,536,5341,5
59Goldie Thomas1829SUI 23w0 98b1 51w0 30b0 84w1 99b1 65b1 41w0 50b½4,536,0352,5
60Wenger Lucas1999SUI 3w0 86b1 56w1 25b½ 20w½ 64b1 18w0 30b0 38w04,047,0373,5
61Temmar Yamin0SUI 45w1 85b1 7w0 40b1 18w0 26b0 29w0 70b0 83w14,044,5356,0
62Schilling Andreas2018SUI 39w1 34b½ 24w0 55w1 27b0 25b0 79w1 28b0 54w½4,044,0359,5
63Schweighoffer Martin1906SUI 4b0 97w1 65b0 42w1 72b1 50w1 19b0 32w0 36b04,042,5378,5
64Kuhn Thomas2161SUI 73w1 3b0 39w1 87b1 12b0 60w0 48b0 66w0 86b14,041,5385,0
65Schmid Martin2117SUI 79w1 8b0 63w1 54b0 76w1 35b0 59w0 71b1 46w04,040,5347,0
66Bischofberger Dario1912SUI 10w0 96b1 26w0 78b1 40w0 90b1 30w0 64b1 44w04,040,0345,5
67Amir Emam0SUI 57w1 25b0 35w0 70b1 44w0 76b½ 45w½ 46b0 92w14,040,0329,0
68Idrizi Pajazit1841SUI 38b0 91w1 82b0 41w1 36b0 72w1 37b0 85w1 45w04,039,0338,0
69Lama Kalsang1756SUI 11w0 70b1 92w1 57b0 35w0 30b0 71w0 91b1 88w14,038,5331,5
70Bhunjun Reto1916SUI 12b0 69w0 93b1 67w0 43b0 97w1 96b1 61w1 40w04,035,5344,0
71Frei Alexander1804GER 14b0103w1 37b0 38w0101b1 42w0 69b1 65w0 84b14,034,5341,5
72Walser Severin2050SUI101w1 18b0 87w0 79b1 63w0 68b0 73w1 83b1 42w04,034,5330,5
73Lee Peter1901SUI 64b0 58b½ 54w0 77w½ 92b1 41w0 72b0101w1 82b14,033,0329,5
74Torvanger Yngve0SUI 85w½ 56b0 58w1 45b1 57w1 32b0 11w0 29b0 51w03,543,5354,5
75Musil Zlatko1807SUI 30w1 46b1 10w0 47b0 50w0 95b1 44w0 51b½ 49b03,542,5368,5
76Wahl Peter1887SUI 15b0 93w1 49b0 43w1 65b0 67w½ 55b0 78w0 94b13,536,5345,5
77Udaykumar Arunn Mark1756GER 16w0 54b0 90w0 73b½ 81w1 29b0 94w0100b1 89w13,533,5322,5
78Simitovic Rustem0SUI 35w0 87b0 -1 66w0102b1 83w0 80b½ 76b1 57w03,532,0286,0
79Blaha Petr1800SUI 65b0 52w0103b1 72w0 91b1 88w½ 62b0 95w1 58b03,530,0326,5
80Britschgi-Bieri Carmen1682SUI 27b0 45b0 84w0 97w0 94b1101w1 78w½ 90b1 53b03,529,5321,0
81Ganguin Sandra1727SUI 19b0 57b0 96w0 94w½ 77b0103w1 84b0102w1 95b13,527,0309,5
82Hirt Markus2041SUI 54w1 16b0 68w1 34b0 87w1 20b0 43w0 42b0 73w03,043,0355,5
83Staudacher Ana1795GER 18w0101b1 44w0 92b1 26w0 78b1 41b0 72w0 61b03,037,0338,0
84Florinet Daniel0SUI 55b0 28w0 80b1 58w0 59b0100w1 81w1 45b0 71w03,036,5308,5
85Wyss Peter A.2035SUI 74b½ 61w0 91b1 53w1 48b0 28w0 88b½ 68b0 87w-3,035,5354,5
86Jacobsen Trond1627NOR 24b0 60w0 42b0103w1 41b0 91w1 38w0 93b1 64w03,035,5335,0
87Flemming Klaus Dr.1787GER 32b0 78w1 72b1 64w0 82b0 43w0 99b1 36w0 85b-3,035,0346,5
88Sperzel Bernd1944SUI 13w0 90b1 40w0 99b0 96w1 79b½ 85w½ 55w0 69b03,034,0330,5
89Parlak Selahattin1900SUI 47w0 39b0101w1 95b1 37w0 56b0 46w0 99w1 77b03,033,5329,0
90Catone Giovanni1792SUI 49b0 88w0 77b1 46b1 51w0 66w0 95b½ 80w0 96b½3,033,0320,5
91Saric Vili1973SUI 5w0 68b0 85w0 93b1 79w0 86b0 98b1 69w0101b13,031,5316,0
92Brunner André2051SUI 43b0102w1 69b0 83w0 73w0 58b0 97b1 96w1 67b03,031,0313,5
93Blättel Garry0SUI 50b0 76b0 70w0 91w0103b1 94w0102b1 86w0 99b13,025,0308,5
94Sidler Sepp1793SUI 40w0 31b0 30w0 81b½ 80w0 93b1 77b1 58w0 76w02,537,0315,5
95Schreiber Edwin2005SUI 6b0100w1 27b0 89w0 97b1 75w0 90w½ 79b0 81w02,532,5321,5
96Quadri Pablo1700SUI 41b0 66w0 81b1 52w0 88b0102w1 70w0 92b0 90w½2,532,0307,0
97Hedinger Erich1669SUI 26w0 63b0 46w0 80b1 95w0 70b0 92w0 -1 98b½2,531,0277,5
98Klarer Toni0SUI 29b0 59w0100b0102w0 -1 46b0 91w0103b1 97w½2,526,0264,0
99Furrer Ernst1548SUI 37b0 33w0102b1 88w1 55b0 59w0 87w0 89b0 93w02,033,5312,0
100Obradovic Milan1658SUI 20w0 95b0 98w1 39b0 56w0 84b0101b0 77w0 -12,029,0284,0
101Rupp Roland0SUI 72b0 83w0 89b0 -1 71w0 80b0100w1 73b0 91w02,028,5270,5
102Von Flüe Erwin1725SUI 34w0 92b0 99w0 98b1 78w0 96b0 93w0 81b0103w12,024,5285,0
103Grabheer Daniel0SUI 44w0 71b0 79w0 86b0 93w0 81b0 -1 98w0102b01,027,0246,5

Tie Break1: points (game-points)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sum of Buchholz-Tie-Breaks (all Results)

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