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WYCC U10 Open Classic

Last update 28.12.2013 17:18:35, Creator: all india chess federation,Last Upload: alain chess club

Player info

NameStearman Josiah P
Starting rank182
Rating national0
Rating international0
Performance rating1890
Year of birth 2003


17786Graf Justus Felix1489GER5,5w 1
23943Tan Jun Ying1710MAS7,0s 1
31331Ognean Mihnea-Ionut1766ROU7,0w 1
4823Saberi Mahan1836IRI7,0s 0
52645Huynh Laurent1708BEL6,0w 1
61335Guo Thomas1760CAN6,0s 1
7716FMHuynh Hai Him1872VIE6,5w 1
8410Firoozja Alireza1946IRI8,0s 1
9230Abdrashev Arlen1767KAZ8,0w 0
1048FMYu Kaifeng1960CHN9,0s 0
11919CMBaasansuren Erdene1855MGL8,0w 0
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