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WYCC U14 Open Classic

Last update 28.12.2013 17:19:26, Creator: ilgar bajarani,Last Upload: alain chess club

Player info

NameLiu Yan
Starting rank13
Rating national0
Rating international2256
Performance rating2274
FIDE rtg +/-7,7
Year of birth 2000


113105Isakzhanov Aibek1807KGZ5,0w 1
21063Banik Siddharth G1978USA6,0s 1
3644CMPuccini Jack2073AUS6,0w 1
4342Kozusek Daniel2090CZE7,5s 1
5243Petrov Vladimir Sergeev2076BUL6,5w ½
6283Bashirli Nail Qoshqar1887AZE6,0s 1
7140Li Di2091CHN9,5w ½
8316Dai Changren2216CHN9,0s ½
935Zajic Milan2340SRB9,0s 0
1061IMTari Aryan2418NOR8,0w ½
11836Meunier Clement2113FRA7,0s 1
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