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WYCC U10 Girls Classic

Last update 28.12.2013 17:15:29, Creator: amir raeisi,Last Upload: alain chess club

Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Rp
1WCMSalonika Saina1642IND107b1 69w1 67b½ 35w1 9b½ 55w1 45b1 3b1 10w½ 6w1 2b½9,00,0747,51803
2WFMAsadi Motahare1657IRI104w1 41b1 52w1 4b1 5w½ 13b½ 3w½ 6w½ 16b1 18b1 1w½8,51,5653,01743
3WFMLakshmi C1757IND124b1 64w1 8b1 28w1 18b1 45w1 2b½ 1w0 9w1 10b½ 4w½8,51,0751,51631
4Yip Carissa1602USA 92b1 22w1 17b1 2w0 12b0 71w1 28b1 29w1 35b1 14w1 3b½8,50,5849,01620
5WFMAssaubayeva Bibissara1848KAZ112b1 47w1 21b1 10w1 2b½ 7w0 9b½ 12w0 66b1 35w1 25w18,00,0749,51633
6Zahedifar Anahita1816IRI 54w1 39b1 36w½ 18b0 66w1 56b1 11w1 2b½ 8w1 1b0 20w18,00,0748,51575
7Afanasieva Alexandra1706RUS105w1 68b0 54w1 86b1 72w1 5b1 8w½ 9b0 12b1 11w½ 23b18,00,0747,51534
8WCMPham Tran Gia Thu1601VIE 85w1114b1 3w0 94b1 40w1 83b1 7b½ 13w1 6b0 26w1 17w½8,00,0746,51697
9WCMFernandes Krystal1514IND 89w1 81b1 48w½ 36b1 1w½ 26b1 5w½ 7w1 3b0 13b1 10w½8,00,0650,51734
10Vuller Anastasia1624ISR140b+109w1 66b1 5b0 34w1 42b1 16w½ 14w1 1b½ 3w½ 9b½8,00,0649,51712
11Beydullayeva Govhar1582AZE 23b1 60w1 14b½ 13b½ 17w½ 37w1 6b0 78w1 30b1 7b½ 18w18,00,0649,51630
12WCMVittal Sanjana0USA 13w0101b1 65w1 52b1 4w1 14b0 36w1 5b1 7w0 48w1 16b½7,50,0749,01725
13Peycheva Gergana1676BUL 12b1 59w1 16b½ 11w½ 51b1 2w½ 20w1 8b0 43b1 9w0 44b17,50,0650,51487
14WFMSolozhenkina Elizaveta1761RUS 63w1 96b1 11w½ 72b½ 56w½ 12w1 47b1 10b0 27w1 4b0 30w17,50,0646,01540
15Hovhannisyan Mane0ARM 35b½ 71w0120w1 39b1 70b0 66w½ 67b1 59w½ 84w1 47b1 29b17,50,0640,01596
16Esadze Tamar1600GEO129w1 20b1 13w½ 40b½ 68w1 18w1 10b½ 17b½ 2w0 45b1 12w½7,50,0548,51520
17WFMSalimova Nurgyul1916BUL 62w1 83b1 4w0 57b1 11b½ 35w½ 51b1 16w½ 21b½ 55w1 8b½7,50,0547,01602
18Zhang Xiao0CHN113b1 37w1 30b1 6w1 3w0 16b0 38b1 48w1 19b1 2w0 11b07,00,0750,01681
19Vinokur Yuliya1646RUS135w1123b1 68w1 45b0 83w0 86b1 69w1 22b1 18w0 25b0 49w17,00,0740,01433
20Mangalam Shreya B0USA139w+ 16w0 69b½128w1 67b1 73w1 13b0 55w½ 38b1 21w1 6b07,00,0643,51606
21Bach Ngoc Thuy Duong1620VIE119w1 46b1 5w0 66b½ 79w1 47b0 62w1 41b1 17w½ 20b0 45w17,00,0642,01424
22WCMSamadashvili Martha0USA 99w1 4b0 84w1 56b0134w1 72b1 70b1 19w0 29b½ 37w½ 48b17,00,0641,01667
23Golsta Madara0LAT 11w0110b1 39w½ 49b0125w1 76b1 56w½ 83b1 73w1 36b1 7w07,00,0641,01614
24Nurgali Nazerke0KAZ 50b1 38w½ 35b0 69w½ 59b0116w1124b1 51w1 25b0 67w1 55b17,00,0641,01545
25Laurincova Kristyna1568CZE 57w0115b½ 75w0107b1 81w½ 98b1 85w1109b1 24w1 19w1 5b07,00,0638,01251
26Tereshechkina Taisiya1661RUS 77b½ 44w1 60b1 55w½ 50b1 9w0 59b1 43w½ 47b1 8b0 27w½7,00,0543,51377
27Kolosan Ulyana0UKR 49w0 76b1 96w1 37w½ 38b½ 40b½ 52w1 88b1 14b0 59w1 26b½7,00,0542,51631
28Khuslen Tuya0MGL 56w1 65b1 49w1 3b0 42w0 34b1 4w0 39b1 36w0 52b1 47w½6,50,0644,01622
29Diajeng Theresa Singgih1669INA 31w1 86b1 45w0 68b0105w1 94b1 49w1 4b0 22w½ 41b1 15w06,50,0642,51355
30WCMTran Vuong Mai Khanh1626VIE111w1125b1 18w0 41b0 87w½ 75b1 40w1 37b1 11w0 62b1 14b06,50,0642,51323
31WCMZhang Jeannie0CAN 29b0102w0136b1 97w1 84b1 51w0117b1 50w1 48b0 38w½ 70b16,50,0637,51437
32Lkhagvadolgor Serchinbal0MGL 67b0 53w1 59b0116w1 69b0 84w1 80b0125b1 83w1 50w½ 64b16,50,0637,51475
33Shestakova Ekaterina0RUS 80b1 67w0116b1 50w0109b0119w-105w½123b1 86w1 94b1 68w16,50,0635,01432
34Kuzich Aryna1460BLR128b0132w1122b1108w1 10b0 28w0 60b0117w1 93b½ 92w1 69b16,50,0633,01158
35WCMIsmayil Malak1570AZE 15w½106b1 24w1 1b0 57w1 17b½ 63w1 45b1 4w0 5b0 43w½6,50,0548,51386
36Abduali Samal1600KAZ 95b1 74w1 6b½ 9w0 43b½109w1 12b0 80w1 28b1 23w0 37b½6,50,0545,01278
37Li Dariia1506KGZ130w1 18b0119w1 27b½ 61w1 11b0 77w1 30w0 60b1 22b½ 36w½6,50,0543,51229
38Podgornova Anna1548RUS 87w1 24b½ 57w0115b1 27w½ 46b1 18w0 63b1 20w0 31b½ 62w16,50,0542,51073
39Yuan Beline1456FRA 43b1 6w0 23b½ 15w0100b1 57w½ 92b½ 28w0118b1 60w1 71b16,50,0542,01155
40De Talance Berenice1433FRA106w½ 58b1 70b1 16w½ 8b0 27w½ 30b0115w1 44b0 93w1 78b16,50,0541,51286
41Swera Ana Braganca1393IND137b1 2w0 97b1 30w1 73b½ 70w½ 55b½ 21w0 64b1 29w0 72b16,50,0541,01553
42Huseynova Aydan1600AZE 44b½ 90w1 71b½109w1 28b1 10w0 43b0 66w0 74b1 78w½ 59b16,50,0540,01216
43Pipia Ekaterine0GEO 39w0105b½104w1123b1 36w½ 68b1 42w1 26b½ 13w0 72w½ 35b½6,50,0441,51507
44Feyzullayeva Shabnam0AZE 42w½ 26b0 82w½ 76b½123w1 81b½ 68w½ 86b1 40w1 56b1 13w06,50,0441,01467
45WFMKutyanina Mariya1523RUS118b1 93w1 29b1 19w1 48b1 3b0 1w0 35w0 72b1 16w0 21b06,00,0646,01555
46Shah Jiya1087IND134b1 21w0117b0 98b1 58w1 38w0 93b0103w1 67b0 90w1 84b16,00,0635,51249
47Bommini Mounika Akshaya1471IND 97w1 5b0 79w½114b1 78b1 21w1 14w0 73b1 26w0 15w0 28b½6,00,0544,01352
48Harazinska Magdalena1630POL100b1116w1 9b½ 67w1 45w0 49b½ 83w1 18b0 31w1 12b0 22w06,00,0543,01297
49Mkrtchyan Anahit1539ARM 27b1 61w½ 28b0 23w1102b1 48w½ 29b0 93w1 55b0 66w1 19b06,00,0543,01293
50Lehaci Miruna-Daria1456ROU 24w0129b1 87w1 33b1 26w0 63b0 79w1 31b0 54w1 32b½ 58w½6,00,0542,51096
51Anghel Maria1528ROU114w0 85b1131w1 63b1 13w0 31b1 17w0 24b0109w1 68b½ 57w½6,00,0539,01232
52Ismayilzada Zeynab1516AZE 98b1 78w1 2b0 12w0 92b½117w1 27b0 74w½114b1 28w0 89b16,00,0538,51096
53Kodikara K K M Sachintha1317SRI 81w0 32b0118w1 87b0 82w0129b1 97w1 58b½ 85w1 61b1 56w½6,00,0537,01086
54WCMNassr Lina0ALG 6b0136w1 7b0 89w1117b0103w½ 90b1106w½ 50b0114w1 88w16,00,0533,51274
55Bai Xue1576CHN 79w½ 75b1 77w1 26b½ 99w1 1b0 41w½ 20b½ 49w1 17b0 24w06,00,0444,01394
56Paktinat Zhina1552IRI 28b0121w1128b1 22w1 14b½ 6w0 23b½ 60w½ 69b1 44w0 53b½6,00,0444,01244
57Khegay Yuliya0UZB 25b1 70w½ 38b1 17w0 35b0 39b½ 86w½ 64w0124b1 73w1 51b½6,00,0442,01549
58Xu Chang0USA 71b½ 40w0 80b½ 74w1 46b0 60w0104b1 53w½115b1 83w1 50b½6,00,0439,01245
59Rodriguez Redondo Adhara1412ESP 91w1 13b0 32w1 99b0 24w1 88b1 26w0 15b½ 61w1 27b0 42w05,50,0544,51306
60Berdnyk Mariia0UKR110w1 11b0 26w0 88b0 65w1 58b1 34w1 56b½ 37w0 39b0106w15,50,0541,51459
61Shondra Alix0USA 76w1 49b½ 72w0 62b1 37b0110w1 73b0 77w1 59b0 53w0100b15,50,0539,01355
62WCMDommalapati Aasa0USA 17b0 98w1 78b½ 61w0114b1102w1 21b0 89w1 70b1 30w0 38b05,50,0538,51301
63WCMSchmidt Nadia Esmeralda0RSA 14b0139w+ 88w1 51w0108b1 50w1 35b0 38w0 80b½ 70w0103b15,50,0538,51411
64Chua Jia-Tien1453MAS101w1 3b0114w½ 79b0115w0134b1 75w1 57b1 41w0106b1 32w05,50,0536,51105
65Raccanello Marianna1576ITA121b1 28w0 12b0 85w0 60b0122w1 95b1 79w½ 92b0118w1 97b15,50,0534,51000
66Manya Bagla1306IND126w1 88b1 10w0 21w½ 6b0 15b½ 87w1 42b1 5w0 49b0 81w½5,50,0445,01426
67Sade Defne1522TUR 32w1 33b1 1w½ 48b0 20w0 79b½ 15w0 87b1 46w1 24b0 77w½5,50,0444,51124
68Markova Kristyna1425CZE133b1 7w1 19b0 29w1 16b0 43w0 44b½ 92w1 78b½ 51w½ 33b05,50,0444,51286
69Tsivelekidou Evgenia1397GRE127w1 1b0 20w½ 24b½ 32w1 99b1 19b0 70w½ 56w0 79b1 34w05,50,0443,51336
70WCMCondori Ana Paula1606BOL115w1 57b½ 40w0 75b1 15w1 41b½ 22w0 69b½ 62w0 63b1 31w05,50,0442,01111
71Czarnecka Lidia1171POL 58w½ 15b1 42w½ 73w0 93b1 4b0 81w1 72w0 88b½ 82b1 39w05,50,0441,01314
72Eizaguerri Floris Maria1570ESP132b1128w½ 61b1 14w½ 7b0 22w0119w1 71b1 45w0 43b½ 41w05,50,0440,51232
73Juhasz Judit1588HUN 75w½ 79b½126w1 71b1 41w½ 20b0 61w1 47w0 23b0 57b0 98w15,50,0440,51094
74Allam Yara0EGY 84w1 36b0 83w0 58b0 91w1106b½101w1 52b½ 42w0 87b1 76w½5,50,0437,51291
75Garai Antara0USA 73b½ 55w0 25b1 70w0 96b1 30w0 64b0116w½110b1109w1 80b½5,50,0437,01480
76Sarbu Adela1353ROU 61b0 27w0132b1 44w½ 95b1 23w0114b0121w1 89b½102w1 74b½5,50,0436,01000
77Abbasova Sadagat0AZE 26w½120b1 55b0 78w0127b1 90w1 37b0 61b0101w1 88w½ 67b½5,50,0436,01288
78Zhao Chenyi0USA -1 52b0 62w½ 77b1 47w0115b1 99w1 11b0 68w½ 42b½ 40w05,50,0340,01345
79Golsta Ramona0LAT 55b½ 73w½ 47b½ 64w1 21b0 67w½ 50b0 65b½ 99w1 69w0105b15,50,0339,51495
80Ananya Rishi Gupta1361IND 33w0 87b0 58w½101b½129w1 97b1 32w1 36b0 63w½ 81b½ 75w½5,50,0338,01055
81Shubina Ekaterina0RUS 53b1 9w0109b0112w1 25b½ 44w½ 71b0128w½100b1 80w½ 66b½5,50,0337,51216
82Tsypin Allison0CAN116b0100w½ 44b½124w½ 53b1 92w½109b0107w½128b1 71w0123b15,50,0331,51112
83Maciulaityte Barbora1476LTU136b1 17w0 74b1117w1 19b1 8w0 48b0 23w0 32b0 58b0111w15,00,0542,01218
84Khamroeva Dilbar1652UZB 74b0 95w1 22b0106b1 31w0 32b0111w1119w1 15b0 85b1 46w05,00,0539,0972
85Delgasdeniya D W Nawanjali0SRI 8b0 51w0137b1 65b1 86w0108w1 25b0110w1 53b0 84w0109b15,00,0535,51365
86Faganel Kaja1409SLO103b1 29w0 89b1 7w0 85b1 19w0 57b½ 44w0 33b0119w1 93b½5,00,0441,01148
87Kim Leyla0UZB 38b0 80w1 50b0 53w1 30b½128w½ 66b0 67w0116b1 74w0112b15,00,0438,01276
88Nabaa Sami Abbas1642IRQ138w+ 66w0 63b0 60w1119b1 59w0128b1 27w0 71w½ 77b½ 54b05,00,0437,51017
89Mandukhai Myagmarsuren0MGL 9b0113w1 86w0 54b0131w1105b1 94w½ 62b0 76w½120b1 52w05,00,0435,51178
90Vaskovets Aksiniia0UKR120w½ 42b0115w0104b1126w1 77b0 54w0131b½111w1 46b0125w15,00,0432,01065
91Rueda Peralta Sammy0ECU 59b0122w0 92b0132w1 74b0112w1116b½124w0129b1107w½113b15,00,0429,51029
92Bui Ngoc Han Julia0GER 4w0 99b0 91w1110b1 52w½ 82b½ 39w½ 68b0 65w1 34b0 94w½5,00,0339,01394
93Tan Kylie0CAN 94w1 45b0125w½105b½ 71w0111b1 46w1 49b0 34w½ 40b0 86w½5,00,0338,01244
94Kim Yubin1299KOR 93b0118w1127b1 8w0103b1 29w0 89b½114w½106b½ 33w0 92b½5,00,0334,51079
95Ebeling Mariela0FIN 36w0 84b0135b1 96w½ 76w0123b½ 65w0133b1125w½ 99b½120w15,00,0332,01341
96Al Maamari Wafia Darwish1450UAE102b1 14w0 27b0 95b½ 75w0100w½121b½118w0117b½126w1114b15,00,0331,01033
97Miladi Ame0TUN 47b0124w1 41w0 31b0113b1 80w0 53b0122w1119b½128w1 65w04,50,0435,01128
98Lutchman Singh Aishwarya0WLS 52w0 62b0113b1 46w0112b1 25w0110b0104w1107b½124w1 73b04,50,0434,01151
99WFMAdel Sara1785EGY 22b0 92w1112b1 59w1 55b0 69w0 78b0100w½ 79b0 95w½107b½4,50,0336,01061
100Anudari Enkhtuvshin0MGL 48w0 82b½106w0120b1 39w0 96b½134w1 99b½ 81w0101b1 61w04,50,0335,01170
101Qiao Cindy0CAN 64b0 12w0107b½ 80w½122b1124w½ 74b0112w1 77b0100w0128b14,50,0333,51009
102Qin Nicole Shu-Yu0NZL 96w0 31b1123w½125b1 49w0 62b0115w0105b½131w1 76b0124w½4,50,0332,51100
103Sakotic Ana0SRB 86w0126b0111w1131b1 94w0 54b½125w½ 46b0105w½115b1 63w04,50,0331,51022
104Al Ali Aisha Saif0UAE 2b0133w½ 43b0 90w0120w½137b1 58w0 98b0130b1110w1108b½4,50,0330,51074
105WCMVargas D Carolina0BOL 7b0 43w½133b1 93w½ 29b0 89w0 33b½102w½103b½117w1 79w04,50,0237,51060
106Raghavendra Mahima0ENG 40b½ 35w0100b1 84w0124b½ 74w½107b1 54b½ 94w½ 64w0 60b04,50,0237,01154
107Aminuddin Nur Faiqah0MAS 1w0127b0101w½ 25w0132b1133b1106w0 82b½ 98w½ 91b½ 99w½4,50,0232,51116
108Yasmin Irdina Zulkippli0MAS109b0 -1129w1 34b0 63w0 85b0131w½126b1120w0125b½104w½4,50,0229,5993
109Vithanage Isuri Pehesara1143SRI108w1 10b0 81w1 42b0 33w1 36b0 82w1 25w0 51b0 75b0 85w04,00,0442,51163
110Boubendir Nesrine1615ALG 60b0 23w0121b1 92w0118b1 61b0 98w1 85b0 75w0104b0131w14,00,0433,5898
111Arnelian Nanor0LBN 30b0117w0103b0136w1135b1 93w0 84b0127w1 90b0116w1 83b04,00,0431,51085
112WCMModi Sonia0RSA 5w0130b1 99w0 81b0 98w0 91b0136w1101b0133w1121b1 87w04,00,0430,01046
113WFMGardiner Noa Saxon0RSA 18w0 89b0 98w0130b1 97w0121b0126w0137b1132w1135b1 91w04,00,0426,5898
114Lesbekova Asel0KAZ 51b1 8w0 64b½ 47w0 62w0126b1 76w1 94b½ 52w0 54b0 96w04,00,0339,51232
115Berelowitsch Dana0GER 70b0 25w½ 90b1 38w0 64b1 78w0102b1 40b0 58w0103w0117b½4,00,0338,01135
116Beverly Mendonca1298IND 82w1 48b0 33w0 32b0121w1 24b0 91w½ 75b½ 87w0111b0135w14,00,0337,5955
117Yang Pou Kuan0MAC125w0111b1 46w1 83b0 54w1 52b0 31w0 34b0 96w½105b0115w½4,00,0336,51094
118Liiv Kristiina0EST 45w0 94b0 53b0140w+110w0120b1123w½ 96b1 39w0 65b0122w½4,00,0333,51232
119Bedic Noemi0CRO 21b0134w1 37b0135w1 88w0 33b+ 72b0 84b0 97w½ 86b0127w½4,00,0333,01191
120Hind Faraj1262UAE 90b½ 77w0 15b0100w0104b½118w0135b1132w1108b1 89w0 95b04,00,0331,5898
121Govindaraj Neya0WLS 65w0 56b0110w0139b+116b0113w1 96w½ 76b0123b½112w0132b14,00,0330,51166
122Alshamsi Maitha Mubarak0UAE123w0 91b1 34w0134b0101w0 65b0130w1 97b0127w½129b1118b½4,00,0328,51020
123Alshamsi Amal Fadel1308UAE122b1 19w0102b½ 43w0 44b0 95w½118b½ 33w0121w½131b1 82w04,00,0235,5957
124WCMShah Krishi0KEN 3w0 97b0130w1 82b½106w½101b½ 24w0 91b1 57w0 98b0102b½4,00,0234,5967
125Jaysenthuliyane Vinumi Vidara1164SRI117b1 30w0 93b½102w0 23b0127w1103b½ 32w0 95b½108w½ 90b04,00,0234,5955
126Alnajdi Wafa0YEM 66b0103w1 73b0127w½ 90b0114w0113b1108w0134w½ 96b0 -14,00,0230,5985
127Salama Kamelya0PLE 69b0107w1 94w0126b½ 77w0125b0133w½111b0122b½134w1119b½4,00,0228,5976
128Al Argha Fatima0SYR 34w1 72b½ 56w0 20b0133w1 87b½ 88w0 81b½ 82w0 97b0101w03,50,0236,51069
129Fatma Al Menhali0UAE 16b0 50w0108b0137w1 80b0 53w0 -1134b½ 91w0122w0136b13,50,0230,0980
130Mavhengere Monrine0ZIM 37b0112w0124b0113w0136b1132w0122b0 -1104w0137w½134b13,50,0223,5858
131Alshamsi Aysha Nasser0UAE -0137w1 51b0103w0 89b0135w1108b½ 90w½102b0123w0110b03,00,0231,0996
132Ivanova Anna0RUS 72w0 34b0 76w0 91b0107w0130b1137w1120b0113b0 -1121w03,00,0229,5925
133Rayan Mohammad Ali Hassan0UAE 68w0104b½105w0138b+128b0107w0127b½ 95w0112b0136w0137b13,00,0229,0803
134Yuvika Arul0KEN 46w0119b0 -1122w1 22b0 64w0100b0129w½126b½127b0130w03,00,0129,0814
135Taghiyeva Sevinj Ramil q.0AZE 19b0 -0 95w0119b0111w0131b0120w0136b1 -1113w0116b03,00,0128,0783
136Mboya Audrey Tracy0KEN 83w0 54b0 31w0111b0130w0 -1112b0135w0137b½133b1129w02,50,0124,0752
137Saleh Wassan0KUW 41w0131b0 85w0129b0 -1104w0132b0113w0136w½130b½133w02,00,0023,5673
138Annaeva Merjan0TKM 88b- -0 -0133w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0024,50
139Mohammed Fatima Faisal0KSA 20b- 63b- -0121w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0024,50
140Tan Mary Joy0PHI 10w- -0 -0118b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0024,50

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)