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Provincial Absoluto 2014 A Coruna

Last update 15.12.2013 21:52:40, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 412)

Starting rank

1FMPazos Porta AntonioESP2328
2FMDe Prado Rodriguez Oscar BrunESP2233Gal
3FMLarrosa Vila JoseESP2182Gal
4Medarde Santiago Luis MarcosESP2152
5Rodriguez Guillen JorgeESP2111Gal
6Cubero Ferreiro RodrigoESP2105Gal
7Mazaira Alba Javier I.ESP2072Gal
8Grana Lois JorgeESP2042
9Dominguez Fernandez SantiagoESP1951Gal
10Sanchez Bardanca AlejandroESP1914Gal
11Perez Souto BenjaminESP1911Gal
12Merayo Lopez DavidESP1734
13Camarero Albandoz AlfonsoESP1690Gal
14Eiriz CaamaƱo Jose CarlosESP1656Gal
15Vallo Rodriguez DanielESP1601Gal
16Pousada Estevez DanielESP1590Gal
17Garcia Fernandez Manuel AntonESP1573Gal
18Santos Vilarino EmilioESP1322Gal
19De Leon Lopez AlejandroESP0
20Fidalgo Rodriguez EstebanESP0
21Mayo Quintela DanielESP0
22Villarino Moure CarlosESP0
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