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Torneo Provincial Pontevedra sub8

Last update 22.12.2013 20:20:39, Creator/Last Upload: fedraciĆ³n gallega de ajedrez (104)

Starting rank

1Balda Alonso SaraESP0wLucena
2Barral Fernandez CristobalESP0Breogan
3Carballa Oubina AnxoESP0CX Fontecarmoa
4Carballa Oubina RoiESP0CX Fontecarmoa
5Caudet Soto JavierESP0Lucena
6Dominguez Meis HugoESP0Breogan
7Dominguez Veloso LoisESP0Lucena
8Fernandez Romano BrigoESP0CX Fontecarmoa
9Gonzalez Gonzalez GabrielESP0Vila de Bouzas
10Gonzalo Gosende ElisaESP0wLucena
11Lorenzo Rodriguez NicolasESP0Lucena
12Martinez Montes MartinESP0EXP
13Otero Prol LunaESP0wBreogan
14Oubina Carballa MariaESP0wCX Fontecarmoa
15Portela Medrano CarmenESP0wEXP
16Rego Calvo MarcosESP0Laroca
17Represa Perez DavidESP0Laroca
18Rey Chimera LucaESP0CX Fontecarmoa
19Ripoll Montenegro NunoESP0Laroca
20Rodriguez Barros MartaESP0wCX Fontecarmoa
21Rodriguez Garcia PabloESP0CX Fontecarmoa
22Rodriguez Iglesias IriaESP0wCX Fontecarmoa
23Ruiz Hernandez EnolESP0CX Fontecarmoa
24Suarez Gomez PaulaESP0wCX Fontecarmoa
25Tome Vidal GabrielESP0EXP
26Vazquez Fernandez NicolasESP0EXP
27Ventura Martinez AlexandreESP0EXP
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