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Scandinavian Ladies Open 2008

Last update 25.03.2008 15:14:45, Creator: stockholms schackförbund,Last Upload: swedish chess federation

Player overview for ARG

19IMLujan Carolina2365ARG½½1½111½06,0132402

Results of the last round for ARG

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
IMLujan Carolina23656 0 - 16 IMDanielian Elina2480

Player details for ARG

IM Lujan Carolina 2365 ARG Rp:2402 Pts. 6,0
182WFMMiednikova Swietlana2171RUS4,0w ½
288WFMLimontaite Simona2152LTU5,5s ½
370WIMKludacz Magdalena2217POL4,5w 1
462WIMWorek Joanna2244POL6,5s ½
554WIMCherenkova Kristina2256RUS5,0w 1
652WGMMaksimovic Suzana2264SRB4,5s 1
760WGMTkeshelashvili Sopio2250GEO5,5w 1
85IMHunt Harriet2457ENG6,5s ½
91IMDanielian Elina2480ARM7,0w 0