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Torneo de Maestros - Campeonato Paraguayo Absoluto 2013-

Last update 28.11.2013 16:21:58, Creator/Last Upload: cataman1962


Round 1 on 2013/11/18 at 17:00hs
112037Figari Esteban0 - 1FMLatorre Matias225012
222545GMBachmann Axel1 - 0Butti Enrique206011
332486GMCubas Jose Fernando½ - ½FMVazquez Guillermo234510
442598GMDelgado Ramirez Neuris1 - 0IMKropff Ricardo22159
552225IMValiente Cristobal1 - 0Bergonzi Osvaldo20648
662308FMLatorre Manuel1 - 0Goiriz Y Damian20907
Round 2 on 2013/11/19 at 17:00hs
1122250FMLatorre Matias½ - ½Goiriz Y Damian20907
282064Bergonzi Osvaldo0 - 1FMLatorre Manuel23086
392215IMKropff Ricardo½ - ½IMValiente Cristobal22255
4102345FMVazquez Guillermo0 - 1GMDelgado Ramirez Neuris25984
5112060Butti Enrique0 - 1GMCubas Jose Fernando24863
612037Figari Esteban0 - 1GMBachmann Axel25452
Round 3 on 2013/11/20 at 17:00hs
122545GMBachmann Axel1 - 0FMLatorre Matias225012
232486GMCubas Jose Fernando1 - 0Figari Esteban20371
342598GMDelgado Ramirez Neuris1 - 0Butti Enrique206011
452225IMValiente Cristobal1 - 0FMVazquez Guillermo234510
562308FMLatorre Manuel1 - 0IMKropff Ricardo22159
672090Goiriz Y Damian0 - 1Bergonzi Osvaldo20648
Round 4 on 2013/11/21 at 17:00hs
1122250FMLatorre Matias1 - 0Bergonzi Osvaldo20648
292215IMKropff Ricardo½ - ½Goiriz Y Damian20907
3102345FMVazquez Guillermo1 - 0FMLatorre Manuel23086
4112060Butti Enrique½ - ½IMValiente Cristobal22255
512037Figari Esteban0 - 1GMDelgado Ramirez Neuris25984
622545GMBachmann Axel1 - 0GMCubas Jose Fernando24863
Round 5 on 2013/11/22 at 17:00hs
132486GMCubas Jose Fernando½ - ½FMLatorre Matias225012
242598GMDelgado Ramirez Neuris0 - 1GMBachmann Axel25452
352225IMValiente Cristobal1 - 0Figari Esteban20371
462308FMLatorre Manuel½ - ½Butti Enrique206011
572090Goiriz Y Damian0 - 1FMVazquez Guillermo234510
682064Bergonzi Osvaldo0 - 1IMKropff Ricardo22159
Round 6 on 2013/11/23 at 15:00hs
1122250FMLatorre Matias1 - 0IMKropff Ricardo22159
2102345FMVazquez Guillermo½ - ½Bergonzi Osvaldo20648
3112060Butti Enrique1 - 0Goiriz Y Damian20907
412037Figari Esteban0 - 1FMLatorre Manuel23086
522545GMBachmann Axel1 - 0IMValiente Cristobal22255
632486GMCubas Jose Fernando½ - ½GMDelgado Ramirez Neuris25984
Round 7 on 2013/11/24 at 15:00hs
142598GMDelgado Ramirez Neuris1 - 0FMLatorre Matias225012
252225IMValiente Cristobal1 - 0GMCubas Jose Fernando24863
362308FMLatorre Manuel½ - ½GMBachmann Axel25452
472090Goiriz Y Damian0 - 1Figari Esteban20371
582064Bergonzi Osvaldo1 - 0Butti Enrique206011
692215IMKropff Ricardo0 - 1FMVazquez Guillermo234510
Round 8 on 2013/11/25 at 17:00hs
1122250FMLatorre Matias1 - 0FMVazquez Guillermo234510
2112060Butti Enrique0 - 1IMKropff Ricardo22159
312037Figari Esteban0 - 1Bergonzi Osvaldo20648
422545GMBachmann Axel1 - 0Goiriz Y Damian20907
532486GMCubas Jose Fernando1 - 0FMLatorre Manuel23086
642598GMDelgado Ramirez Neuris1 - 0IMValiente Cristobal22255
Round 9 on 2013/11/26 at 17:00hs
152225IMValiente Cristobal½ - ½FMLatorre Matias225012
262308FMLatorre Manuel½ - ½GMDelgado Ramirez Neuris25984
372090Goiriz Y Damian0 - 1GMCubas Jose Fernando24863
482064Bergonzi Osvaldo0 - 1GMBachmann Axel25452
592215IMKropff Ricardo1 - 0Figari Esteban20371
6102345FMVazquez Guillermo1 - 0Butti Enrique206011
Round 10 on 2013/11/27 at 17:00hs
1122250FMLatorre Matias1 - 0Butti Enrique206011
212037Figari Esteban0 - 1FMVazquez Guillermo234510
322545GMBachmann Axel½ - ½IMKropff Ricardo22159
432486GMCubas Jose Fernando1 - 0Bergonzi Osvaldo20648
542598GMDelgado Ramirez Neuris1 - 0Goiriz Y Damian20907
652225IMValiente Cristobal½ - ½FMLatorre Manuel23086
Round 11 on 2013/11/28 at 09:00hs
162308FMLatorre Manuel½ - ½FMLatorre Matias225012
272090Goiriz Y Damian½ - ½IMValiente Cristobal22255
382064Bergonzi Osvaldo0 - 1GMDelgado Ramirez Neuris25984
492215IMKropff Ricardo½ - ½GMCubas Jose Fernando24863
5102345FMVazquez Guillermo½ - ½GMBachmann Axel25452
6112060Butti Enrique1 - 0Figari Esteban20371
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