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Campeonatos Nacionais de Jovens 2007/2008 Sub-08

Last update 20.03.2008 15:23:47, Creator/Last Upload: fpx - federação portuguesa de xadrez

Player info

NameJorge Rita Maria Osorio
Starting rank16
Rating national1050
Rating international0
Performance rating1298
Club/CityAEFCR Penichense
Year of birth 2000


11635Teixeira Luis Jorge Calejo01050PORCX Escola Alvares Pereira3,5w 1
233Rodrigues Luis Filipe Morais01214PORAM Alberto Sampaio5,0s 1
347Moreira Gonçalo Jose Teixeira01128PORGX Vila Pouca4,0w 1
4238Santos Pedro Andre Simoes Dos01033PORAA Coimbra6,0s 0
5613Cabaca Andre Filipe Rodrigues01050PORJuventude Lavradio4,5w 1
634Oliveira Gustavo Jorge Fernand01208PORGD dos Cem Paus5,0s 1
712Sousa Andre Miguel Vale01298PORGX Porto6,0s 0