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Liechtensteiner Landesmeisterschaft 2013

Last update 28.10.2013 08:48:22, Creator/Last Upload: vbg. schachverband (ing. baumberger)

Starting rank

1Neuberger GuidoSUI2096Buchs (sg)
2CMGuller AndrĂ sLIE2093Buchs (sg)
3CMMannhart MarcelLIE2070St. Gallen Sk
4FMKock Hans-UweLIE2001Buchs (sg)
5Frick RenatoLIE1990Buchs (sg)
6Schädler MartinLIE1949Vaduz
7Heinzelmann HerbertSUI1838Buchs (sg)
8Studer KurtLIE1726Buchs (sg)
9Döserich ReinhardSUI1701Buchs (sg)