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"Superšahiste - 2013"

Last update 06.10.2013 13:12:07, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IParhomenko Anastasija1845LAT 6w1 13b1 7w1 2b0 8w1 3b1 5w16,022,030,524,0
2IGolsta Madara1858LAT 10b1 16w1 3b1 1w1 4b0 7w½ 8b15,522,031,024,0
3IRungenfelde Elizabete1841LAT 12w1 9b1 2w0 6b1 14w1 1w0 7b15,021,530,521,0
4IIĻepjohina Valērija1750LAT 7w0 22b1 13w1 12b1 2w1 5b0 11w15,018,524,019,0
5IKrūmiņa Marija1872LAT 9w0 20b1 8w1 14b1 7w½ 4w1 1b04,520,028,018,5
6IIZeņina Zlata1750LAT 1b0 18w1 16b1 3w0 19b½ 9b1 14w14,518,026,515,5
7IPetrovska Arina1842LAT 4b1 11w1 1b0 15w1 5b½ 2b½ 3w04,023,532,519,5
8IGolsta Ramona1809LAT 18b1 15w1 5b0 19w1 1b0 13w1 2w04,019,027,519,0
9IISniķere Antuanete1750LAT 5b1 3w0 19b0 10w1 15b1 6w0 13b14,019,026,515,0
10IITiseļska Alise1750LAT 2w0 17b1 14w0 9b0 21w1 16w1 15b14,016,022,512,0
11IIKarnīte Rasa1750LAT 22w1 7b0 12w½ 13b0 17w1 19b1 4b03,516,021,014,5
12IIISavunova Jeļena1650LAT 3b0 21w1 11b½ 4w0 16b0 22w1 19w13,515,020,011,5
13IIRastorgujeva Alīna1750LAT 21b1 1w0 4b0 11w1 18b1 8b0 9w03,019,526,514,0
14IIBeļakova Laura1750LAT 15b0 19w1 10b1 5w0 3b0 18w1 6b03,019,026,513,0
15IVLele Emīlija1550LAT 14w1 8b0 20w1 7b0 9w0 17b1 10w03,018,024,014,0
16IIBabska Jeļizaveta1750LAT 20w1 2b0 6w0 17b0 12w1 10b0 22w13,017,022,511,0
17IVKipļuka Anna Krista1550LAT 19b0 10w0 21b1 16w1 11b0 15w0 20b13,014,019,010,0
18IIITihonova Katrīna1650LAT 8w0 6b0 22w1 20b1 13w0 14b0 21w13,013,017,510,0
19Viļuna Solvita1450LAT 17w1 14b0 9w1 8b0 6w½ 11w0 12b02,518,025,513,5
20IVIkstena Šarlote1550LAT 16b0 5w0 15b0 18w0 22b1 21b1 17w02,013,017,55,0
21Poļovkina Diāna1450LAT 13w0 12b0 17w0 22b1 10b0 20w0 18b01,014,518,54,0
22IVVissarionova Alla1550LAT 11b0 4w0 18b0 21w0 20w0 12b0 16b00,015,021,00,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break

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