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2013 Asian Dragons International Tournament- Open

Last update 05.08.2013 11:59:03, Creator/Last Upload: elsa yueh

Starting rank

1Ho Hou-Meng, HermanMAC1942
2Liu Yeh-YangTPE1921
3Lim Kian HwaMAS1915
4Limono HandjojoINA1903
5Celis JoelMAC1876
6Kim InguhKOR1810
7Ahn HongjinKOR1787
8Yang Ching Wei, AustinTPE1783
9Kim ChanghoonKOR1780
10Lin Chung-Yu LeeTPE1672
11Wang Ting-HaoTPE1598
12Ho Men-WeiTPE1560
13Mahadevan AravindHKG1503
14You GaramKOR1491
15Kim JungmuKOR1456
16Willnecker OlafTPE0