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Internationales Casino Open Graz 2014 A-Turnier

Last update 22.02.2014 13:20:11, Creator: Manfred Mussnig,Last Upload: Steirischer Landesverband

Player overview for cro

6GMKozul Zdenko25882581CRO11½01½1½16,57253410-2,30A-Turnier

Results of the last round for cro

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMKozul Zdenko2588 1 - 06 GMNegi Parimarjan2633

Player details for cro

GM Kozul Zdenko 2588 CRO Rp:2534 Pts. 6,5
151Dragnev Valentin21452106AUT5,5w 1100,80
230IMProsviriakov Vladimir22680USA5,5s 1101,30
313IMRajpara Ankit24550IND6,5w ½10-1,80
415GMHaznedaroglu Kivanc24370TUR6,5s 010-7,00
529FMPerhinig Robert22732233AUT5,5w 1101,40
619FMBaldauf Marco23962310GER6,0s ½10-2,50
743WIMBjerke Silje21810NOR5,0w 1100,80
89GMCan Emre25200TUR6,0s ½10-0,90
94GMNegi Parimarjan26330IND6,0w 1105,60
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