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Internationales Casino Open Graz 2014 A-Turnier

Last update 22.02.2014 13:20:11, Creator: Manfred Mussnig,Last Upload: Steirischer Landesverband

Player overview for arg

8GMFelgaer Ruben25690ARG11½1½01016,011249410-5,90A-Turnier

Results of the last round for arg

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMFelgaer Ruben25695 1 - 0 Lei Tingjie2346

Player details for arg

GM Felgaer Ruben 2569 ARG Rp:2494 Pts. 6,0
153FMWegerer Fred Ing.21402106AUT2,5w 1100,80
232FMAschenbrenner Robert22652272AUT4,5s 1101,40
315GMHaznedaroglu Kivanc24370TUR6,5w ½10-1,80
419FMBaldauf Marco23962310GER6,0s 1102,70
55GMMelkumyan Hrant25890ARM7,5w ½100,30
69GMCan Emre25200TUR6,0s 010-5,70
745Nguyen Thai Dai Van21751658CZE5,5w 1100,80
813IMRajpara Ankit24550IND6,5s 010-6,60
923Lei Tingjie23460CHN5,5w 1102,20
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