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Ramadan Blitz Chess Tournament 2013 Abu Dhabi

Last update 16.07.2013 01:25:00, Creator/Last Upload: khoori3

Player info

NameAhmed Holi Ali, Moawia
Starting rank47
Rating national0
Rating international2034
Performance rating2103
FIDE rtg +/-0,0


11212Varvadoukas Theodoros2180GRE6,0s 1
21111WFMBadjarani Koubra2204AZE5,0w 1
378Garbea Bogdan2280ROU6,0s 0
41322WIMAl-Zarouni Kholoud Essa1871UAE5,0w 1
5915Villadelgado Joemarie2063PHI6,0s 1
6610FMKhouri Ibrahim Mohamed2252UAE7,0w 0
71220Helawi Majed1943SYR6,0s 0
81424Abdullah Al Hamed1708UAE5,0w 1
91016Tareq M aLtaher2036SUD6,0s 0
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