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AZE Youth Olympiad, Group B, Belokan, 12 - 23 July, 2013

Last update 23.07.2013 11:50:57, Creator/Last Upload: guliyev_shaig

Player info

NameMammadov Sadig
Starting rank334
Rating national0
Rating international0
Performance rating2167
Club/CityNar - Ugsm
Year of birth 2003


1154163Karimli Jala1700Sumqayit7,0w 1
28231Edilzada Nurlan2000Baku Ugsm №26,5s 1
33545Manafov Rafail2000Baku Ioeugsm № 18,0w 1
41423Aliyev Rahim Asif2000Sumqayit6,5s ½
5157Sadiqli Aslan Mubariz1693Baku Rioeugsm7,5w 1
6813Manafov Vugar1582Baku Ioeugsm № 18,0s 0
72649Nabiyev Mirsadiq2000Masalli7,0w ½
82539Karimov Farid Valeh2000Sumqayit8,0s 1
91819Mehraliyev Sahil Rovshan2081Sumqayit7,5w 1
10933Feyziyev Mirmusa Javid2000Baku Ugsm № 38,0s 1
1131Aliyev Ravan1897Sumqayit8,0w 1
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