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4th Annual Hong Kong Scholastic Championship Secondary Section

Last update 22.06.2013 13:18:14, Creator/Last Upload: muñiz pardiño, alberto

Starting rank

1Law Alexander1800DBS
2Cheong Matthias1700CDNIS
3Chang Raphael1600AIS
4Hui Humphrey1600CIS
5Lin Wai Kit1600Tseung Kwan O Gov School
6Oh Benjamin1600CIS
7Budhrani Ravish1500South Island
8Semendyaev Ivan1500Island
9Brrar Dhaan0AIS
10Chan Tim0St. Paul
11Hu Ivan0AIS
12Jain Vaibhav0KGV
13Jeong Siwon Josh0South Island
14Kevin Andrew0The Southport School Australia
15Kuan Arther0AIS
16Lau Howard0AIS
17Leung Leon0DBS
18Lo Brayden0AIS
19Luk Christopher0AIS
20Luk Jimmy0AIS
21Ma Chai Chun0South Island
22Tu Ethan0AIS
23Zhang Norman0