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17th Voronezh International Chess Festival (Fide Open)

Last update 20.06.2013 12:17:04, Creator/Last Upload: Alexander Raetsky

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2 
1Gritsenko Vladimir2238RUS 65w1 82b1 43w1 7b0 8w1 23b1 4w1 3b1 2w½7,55438,5
2FMVolkov Sergei2234RUS 92b1 30w1 24b1 14w½ 52b½ 27w1 6b1 7w1 1b½7,55139
3Karpenko Artem2043RUS 80b1108w1 9b1 42w½ 14b1 6w1 15b1 1w0 13b17,550,540
4Bitkinin Lenar2147RUS123b1 22w1 60b1 6w0 36b1 52w1 1b0 27w1 19b1746,536
5Dikarev Oleg2109RUS112b1 44w0 35b1 59w½ 73b1 14w½ 20b1 28w1 18b174532
6Pavlova Nataliy1876RUS 12w1 54b1 8w1 4b1 7w1 3b0 2w0 21w1 9b½6,558,537,5
7Sadovsky Artem2124RUS 86b1 38w1 44b1 1w1 6b0 28w1 18b1 2b0 11w½6,55437,5
8Vinogradov Anatoly2086RUS 61b1 51w1 6b0 79w1 1b0 44w1 10b½ 52w1 37b16,54931,5
9Provkin Vladimir2183RUS110w1 72b1 3w0 74b1 39w1 26b½ 24w1 11b½ 6w½6,547,534,5
10Shuvalova Polina1928RUS 13w0122b1 12w1 31w½111b1 16b½ 8w½ 25b1 23w16,54529,5
11Geranichev Mikhail2084RUS 32w0 96b1 63w1110b½ 57w1 41b1 70w1 9w½ 7b½6,542,531,5
12Shevchenko Alexey2133RUS 6b0118w1 10b0112w1110w1 45b½ 55w1 40b1 26w16,54027
13Barsamian Eduard2244RUS 10b1 45w½ 27b½ 47w1 24b½ 31w1 17b1 19w½ 3w0652,533
14Zhileykin Andrey1940RUS 83w1 25b1 53w1 2b½ 3w0 5b½ 16w0 62b1 54w165132
15FMManukovsky Vladimir2245RUS 49w1 74b0 65w1 60b1 25w1 42b1 3w0 23b½ 16w½647,532,5
16Alkaev Roman2105RUS 58b1 35w½ 52b0 61w1 59b1 10w½ 14b1 37w½ 15b½647,530,5
17Kiselev Maxim2157RUS 77w1 20b1 26w0 57b½ 56w1 40b1 13w0 34b½ 43w164631
18Kuryshkin Anatoliy2008RUS 94w½ 64b1 41w1 70b½ 53w1 29b1 7w0 42b1 5w0645,533,5
19Popov Kirill2104RUS 90w0105b1 48w1104b1 40w½ 34b1 26w1 13b½ 4w0643,531,5
20Izhokin Igor1996RUS119b1 17w0 85b1 21w1 23b0 78w1 5w0 70b1 42w1643,529
21Fadin Evgeny2127RUS 48w0 93b1 77w1 20b0 71w1 72b1 32w1 6b0 45w1643,528
Grishchenko Vladimir2005RUS115w1 4b0 76w1 29b0 58w1 53b1 23w0 46b1 41w1643,528
23Orekhov Nikolai2121RUS 81w1 34b1 55w½ 26b½ 20w1 1w0 22b1 15w½ 10b05,551,532,5
24Davidenko Evgeny2077RUS 93w1 48b1 2w0 58b1 13w½ 33w1 9b0 41b½ 34w½5,54931
25Golovchanov Artiom2098RUS 50b1 14w0 68b1 51w1 15b0 38w1 52b½ 10w0 59b15,547,528,5
26Aseeva Anastasia2016RUS 84b1117w1 17b1 23w½ 42b½ 9w½ 19b0 33w1 12b05,54733,5
27Markevich Arseniy2055RUS114w1 56b½ 13w½ 75b1 70w1 2b0 29w1 4b0 28b½5,546,531
28Denishev Marat2231RUS 40w0 91b1 71w1 45b1 43w1 7b0 54w1 5b0 27w½5,54629,5
Denisov Sergei2190RUS 73b½ 46w1 45b½ 22w1 62b1 18w0 27b0 66w1 30b½5,54629,5
30Logvinov Kirill2014RUS 75w1 2b0 89w½ 94b1 41w0 49b½ 48w1 61b1 29w½5,54426
31Magrifin Iljanor2094RUS 91w1 40b0 81w1 10b½ 55w1 13b0 34w0 77b1 57w15,543,527
32Zenkina Marina1813RUS 11b1111w0 72w1 43b0 82w+ 36w1 21b0 47w½ 60b15,54327
33Grachev Andrey2112RUS 63w1106b1 40w½ 56b½ 34w½ 24b0 57w1 26b0 58w15,542,530
34Sitnikov Sergey V.1975RUS121b1 23w0100b1 78w1 33b½ 19w0 31b1 17w½ 24b½5,542,529
35Mokshin Maksim1944RUS 89w1 16b½ 5w0 41b0 96w1111w1 47b½ 53b½ 55w15,54225,5
36Matveenko Yury2049RUS105w1 90b1 70w½ 40b½ 4w0 32b0 71w1 58b½ 56w15,54128,5
37Elishev Ivan2199RUS 71w1 55b0110w0 90b1106w1 39b1 43w1 16b½ 8w05,540,528
38Ioffe Ilya1986RUS100w1 7b0 75w0114b1 64w1 25b0 56w½ 90b1 53w15,538,524,5
39Kornilov Peter2034RUS118b½ 79w½112b1 46w1 9b0 37w0 81b½ 73w1 52b15,53826
40Alkaev Ruslan1921RUS 28b1 31w1 33b½ 36w½ 19b½ 17w0 78b1 12w0 47b½549,529,5
41FMIvanets Vladimir2159RUS 79b½ 73w1 18b0 35w1 30b1 11w0 67b1 24w½ 22b0547,527,5
42Napalkov Vladimir2139RUS103w1 57b1 74w1 3b½ 26w½ 15w0 62b1 18w0 20b054732,5
43Elfimov Kirill2074RUS 85b1102w1 1b0 32w1 28b0 46w1 37b0 44w1 17b054729
44Kazantsev Nikita1948RUS101w1 5b1 7w0 53b0 75w1 8b0 76w1 43b0 85w1544,526
45Chekletsov Ilya2016RUS122w1 13b½ 29w½ 28w0103b1 12w½ 61b½ 50w1 21b054327
46Sotnikov Sergei0RUS109w1 29b0 49w1 39b0104w1 43b0 72w1 22w0 71b154125
47Martynov Denis2011RUS 99w1 70b0 90w1 13b0 63w½110b1 35w½ 32b½ 40w½54025,5
48Evsyukov Aleksey1874RUS 21b1 24w0 19b0121w1 78b0101w1 30b0 80w1 70w1539,522
49Kochukova Anna1929RUS 15b0 80w1 46b0102w½100b1 30w½ 50b0 76w1 75b1539,521
50Galishnikov Yuri1826RUS 25w0 62b0 99w1 54b0120w1 65b1 49w1 45b0 72w1538,520
51Klimov Ivan1929RUS124w1 8b0107w1 25b0 54w0 91b1 83w½ 87b1 62w½535,524
52FMFilippov Vladimir1967RUS 64w½ 94b1 16w1 55b1 2w½ 4b0 25w½ 8b0 39w04,550,529,5
53Makarkin Zhan2116RUS 88b1 59w1 14b0 44w1 18b0 22w0103b1 35w½ 38b04,545,527
54Zhukov Viktor I.2078RUS 87b1 6w0 79b0 50w1 51b1 81w1 28b0 59w½ 14b04,544,525
55Klimentov Evgeny2009RUS 98b1 37w1 23b½ 52w0 31b0 92w1 12b0 81w1 35b04,54426,5
56Voischeva Zinaida1840RUS 78b1 27w½111b1 33w½ 17b0 62w0 38b½ 67w1 36b04,543,526,5
57Polyansky Viktor1985RUS 97b1 42w0102b1 17w½ 11b0 73w1 33b0 88w1 31b04,54325
58Tkachenko Evgeny1834RUS 16w0 83b1 82w1 24w0 22b0106b1104w1 36w½ 33b04,542,523
59Soboleva Anastasia1951RUS 95w1 53b0113w1 5b½ 16w0 76b½ 64w1 54b½ 25w04,54225
60Rivonenko Vladislav2026RUS 76w1113b1 4w0 15w0 79b1 70b0 77w½ 63b1 32w04,541,525,5
61Sedykh Egor1820RUS 8w0 67b½115w1 16b0109w1 74b1 45w½ 30w0 66b½4,541,522
62Ioffe Evgeny2054RUS102b0 50w1 88b1117w+ 29w0 56b1 42w0 14w0 51b½4,54025,5
63Chekletsov Egor1851RUS 33b0 97w1 11b0 83w1 47b½ 67w0111b1 60w0 92b14,539,520,5
Krivtsov Alexander0RUS 52b½ 18w0 66b½ 86w1 38b0109w1 59b0103w1 65w½4,539,520,5
65Stepanischev Anton1928RUS 1b0 84w1 15b0 80w0 98b1 50w0119b1101w1 64b½4,539,518,5
66Shishkin Alexander1978RUS113w0 76b0 64w½115b1 89w1 77b½ 75w1 29b0 61w½4,535,520
67Gerasko Viacheslav1966RUS108b0 61w½118b1 73w0107w1 63b1 41w0 56b0 90w14,53421
68Volodin Konstantin1918RUS 70w0 99b1 25w0113b½ 76w0 96b1 87w0100b1 93w14,533,518
69Shabunin Danil1735RUS 74w0 71b0109w½ 91b0115w1 90b0108w1110b1104b14,52914,5
70FMKuznetsov Nikolay P.2210RUS 68b1 47w1 36b½ 18w½ 27b0 60w1 11b0 20w0 48b0448,527,5
71Leun Victor1917RUS 37b0 69w1 28b0 98w1 21b0 80w1 36b0 84w1 46w0443,520
72Pokhlebin Sergej2007RUS116b1 9w0 32b0 93w1 80b1 21w0 46b0 83w1 50b044222
73Koshelev Vladimir1904RUS 29w½ 41b0 96w1 67b1 5w0 57b0114w1 39b0 87w½44221
74FMKasantsev Anatolij B.2014RUS 69b1 15w1 42b0 9w0 81b0 61w0102b1 86w½ 88b½441,521,5
75Moiseenko Andrey1702RUS 30b0 92w1 38b1 27w0 44b0 79w1 66b0111w+ 49w044121
76Pranizina Alina1738RUS 60b0 66w1 22b0 92w½ 68b1 59w½ 44b0 49b0103w1440,519
77Sizintsev Alexey1882RUS 17b0 98w1 21b0100w½102b1 66w½ 60b½ 31w0 83b½44020
78Katkov Vitaly2106RUS 56w0114b1103w1 34b0 48w1 20b0 40w0 93b½ 86w½43921,5
79Kozlov Sergej A.1886RUS 41w½ 39b½ 54w1 8b0 60w0 75b0 85w0120b1105b143918,5
80Popova Yulia1774RUS 3w0 49b0101w1 65b1 72w0 71b0106w1 48b0109b143917
81Aleksandrov Grigoriy1855RUS 23b0119w1 31b0108w1 74w1 54b0 39w½ 55b0 82w½438,521
82Kholodov Vladimir2013RUS120b1 1w0 58b0 87w1 32b- -0 84b½112w1 81b½438,519
83Zisin Oleg0RUS 14b0 58w0 84b1 63b0123w1 86w1 51b½ 72b0 77w½436,518
84Usachev Nikita1736RUS 26w0 65b0 83w0 95b1 90w½ 89b1 82w½ 71b0106b143615
85Malikov Sergey1789RUS 43w0109b1 20w0106b0101b0120w1 79b1104w1 44b043417
86Bobro Igor1858RUS 7w0100b0120w1 64b0113w1 83b0105w1 74b½ 78b½433,516,5
87Chernyshov Mikhail1812RUS 54w0104b0 95w1 82b0121b½100w1 68b1 51w0 73b½43317
88Volobuev Sergey1855RUS 53w0 95b1 62w0107b0114w½ 94b1110w1 57b0 74w½432,518
89Shcherbakov Nikolay1839RUS 35b0121w1 30b½111w0 66b0 84w0116b1109w½101b143216,5
90Degtiarev Viktor1827RUS 19b1 36w0 47b0 37w0 84b½ 69w1 92b1 38w0 67b03,54418,5
91Padikov Denis1820RUS 31b0 28w0 98b0 69w1 97b1 51w0101b0119w1 95b½3,53613,5
92Poltavets Ivan1924RUS 2w0 75b0122w1 76b½ 94w1 55b0 90w0114b1 63w03,53517
93Baranov Ivan1792RUS 24b0 21w0116b1 72b0108w½113b½118w1 78w½ 68b03,53415,5
94Savenko Ivan1598RUS 18b½ 52w0123b1 30w0 92b0 88w0 95b½102w½112b+3,53315
95Nemykh Kristina0RUS 59b0 88w0 87b0 84w0116b½ -1 94w½118b1 91w½3,532,510,5
96Rodionov Roman1773RUS111b½ 11w0 73b0123w1 35b0 68w0100b-115b1113w13,531,513,5
97Golyshkina Marina0RUS 57w0 63b0105w1103b0 91w0118b0 98b½ -1114w13,53111,5
98Kashpur Mark1644RUS 55w0 77b0 91w1 71b0 65w0105b0 97w½121b1118w13,530,511,5
99Rozmanov Aleksandr1662RUS 47b0 68w0 50b0105b0118w½115b0123w+116w1110w13,527,58,5
100Dilshodbek Aytolkun0RUS 38b0 86w1 34w0 77b½ 49w0 87b0 96w+ 68w0102b½33914,5
101Pyrerko Andrey0RUS 44b0112w0 80b0 -1 85w1 48b0 91w1 65b0 89w033714
102Malin Alexey1782RUS 62w1 43b0 57w0 49b½ 77w0108b½ 74w0 94b½100w½336,515,5
103Sukhareva Valentina1877RUS 42b0116w1 78b0 97w1 45w0107b1 53w0 64b0 76b033618
104Ajrapetian Nikita1948RUS117b0 87w1108b1 19w0 46b0112w1 58b0 85b0 69w0335,519
105Belov Yury1774RUS 36b0 19w0 97b0 99w1112b0 98w1 86b0108b1 79w0335,512
106Piskov Vladimir1948RUS107b1 33w0117b0 85w1 37b0 58w0 80b0113b1 84w033517
107Sazykina Julia0RUS106w0 -1 51b0 88w1 67b0103w0 -0 -0119b133515
108Lanevsky Vlad0RUS 67w1 3b0104w0 81b0 93b½102w½ 69b0105w0120w133514,5
109Chernov Vladimir S1943RUS 46b0 85w0 69b½118w1 61b0 64b0115w1 89b½ 80w033513,5
110Nerushev Arseniy1891RUS 9b0120w1 37b1 11w½ 12b0 47w0 88b0 69w0 99b02,54418
111Losyakov Andrey2037RUS 96w½ 32b1 56w0 89b1 10w0 35b0 63w0 75b- -02,542,518,5
112Pilchuk Mikhail1841RUS 5w0101b1 39w0 12b0105w1104b0113w½ 82b0 94w-2,53814,5
113Gorozhankin Vadim0RUS 66b1 60w0 59b0 68w½ 86b0 93w½112b½106w0 96b02,534,515,5
114Loskutova Anastasia1785RUS 27b0 78w0119b1 38w0 88b½121w1 73b0 92w0 97b02,533,513,5
115Teryaeva Valeria1555RUS 22b0123w½ 61b0 66w0 69b0 99w1109b0 96w0121b12,531,59
116Mayraslova Maria1596RUS 72w0103b0 93w0122b0 95w½123b1 89w0 99b0 -12,527,57,5
117Proskurin Alexandr0RUS104w1 26b0106w1 62b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0238,516
118Sychev Victor1758RUS 39w½ 12b0 67w0109b0 99b½ 97w1 93b0 95w0 98b023711
119Chekletsova Darya0RUS 20w0 81b0114w0120b0 -1122w+ 65w0 91b0107w02319
120Kostin Yury1700RUS 82w0110b0 86b0119w1 50b0 85b0121w1 79w0108b02309
121Kozyreva Marina0RUS 34w0 89b0 -1 48b0 87w½114b0120b0 98w0115w01,533,59,5
122Mezentsev Andrey1735RUS 45b0 10w0 92b0116w1 -0119b- -0 -0 -0137,56
123Estrada Victor1880RUS 4w0115b½ 94w0 96b0 83b0116w0 99b- -0 -00,535,54
124FMPogosian Georgy2247RUS 51b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00410

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break

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