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Finala C.N. Universitar

Last update 01.06.2013 19:25:50, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 25)

Starting rank

1IMAnton Teodor24362441Univ.Transilvania Brasov
2IMPetrisor Adrian-Marian23962378Univ.Vest Timisoara
3FMStanciu Alexandru-Ovidiu23772335UNEFS Bucuresti
4NMMiroiu George-Catalin23272328UPG Ploiesti
5IIordache Adrian20772077UPG Ploiesti
6IVezeteu Daniel20392039UPG Ploiesti
7INedelcu Ionut19721972Fac. Drept Craiova
8IRomosan Cristian17851785UPG Ploiesti
9IIGhita-Popa Marius01382Univ.Vest Timisoara
10IIAgachi Laurentiu-Vasile01131Univ.Vest Timisoara
11Draga Laurentiu01096Univ.Politehnica Timisoara
12IIIDudi Paul01041Univ. Politehnica Timisoara
13Hirzoiu Alexandru01033Univ.Politehnica Timisoara
14IIIJinga Vlad-Ionut01031UNATC Bucuresti
15Aionesi Victor01001Univ.Politehnica Timisoara
16Donca Ioan Florin01001Fac.Mine Petrosani
17Tipter Horatiu01001Fac.Mine Petrosani