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ACO Amateur Chess Championship Crete 2013 - Group B

Last update 22.05.2013 08:05:17, Creator/Last Upload: amateur chess organization

Player overview for USA

5Levine Viktor2127USA0½110½00½3,527Group B

Results of the last round for USA

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Krumm Johannes20333 ½ - ½3 Levine Viktor2127

Player details for USA

Levine Viktor 2127 USA Rp:1963 Pts. 3,5
119Lobato Lavin Alvaro2061ESP4,5s 0
217Rumpf Werner2084AUT3,5w ½
327WIMMoreno Garcia Elizabeth Paola2011VEN4,5s 1
424Becher Georg Dr2023GER3,0w 1
514Kaster Martin2085GER4,5s 0
625Cichy Michael Dr2023GER4,0w ½
715Svensson Mikael2085SWE6,0s 0
820Tillmann Marc2051SUI4,0w 0
921Krumm Johannes2033GER3,5s ½