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Open Srebrno Jezero 2013 "C"

Last update 20.06.2013 11:19:40, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of central serbia

Starting rank

1IIMilosevic MilicaSRB1592
2IIIAlimpic AleksaSRB0
3IIIBogicevic DusanSRB0
4IIIBrocilovic StefanSRB0
5IIICvetkovic DavidSRB0
6IIIDesivojevic SavaSRB0
7IIIDjordjevic MihajloSRB0
8IIIGezovic MihajloSRB0
9IIIIlic PetarSRB0
10IIIJankeh ViktorSRB0
11IIIKandjolas KonstantinSRB0
12IIIKostic AnastasijaSRB0
13IIIMarkovic PetarSRB0
14IIIMatic MatijaSRB0
15IIIPetrovic Marija NSRB0
16IIIProdanovic MarkoSRB0
17IIIRajcic AndjelijaSRB0
18IIIStanisic PredragSRB0
19IIITrajkovic IsidoraSRB0
20IIITrajkovic MihailoSRB0
21IIIZobenica DarinkaSRB0
22Babic DimitrijeSRB0
23Dikic BozidarSRB0
24Djordjevic MarijaSRB0
25Golubovic DjordjeSRB0
26Marinkovic MarjanSRB0
27Milinkovic DjurdjaSRB0
28Milinkovic MilenaSRB0
29Milovanovic DimitrijeSRB0
30Milovanovic LazarSRB0
31Negovanovic KristijanSRB0
32IIIFilic KristinaSRB0
33IVHabajec VladimirSRB0
34IIIJovanovic VladanSRB0
35IVLicina NikolaSRB0
36IVOgnjanović LazarSRB0
37IVPaunovic VukSRB0
38IVRadojkovic LazarSRB0
39IVStosic SaraSRB0
40IVTomic StefanSRB0
41IVTrailovic NemanjaSRB0