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Mount Chess Academy -2nd Monthly Blitz Chess Tournament July 2011

Last update 29.07.2011 18:44:05, Creator/Last Upload: mca

Starting rank

1Aravind Subramanian NIND2108
2Santhanam HIND1978
3Sai Prahlad KIND1963
4Anshuman KIND1859
5Vishwanath TIND1691
6Sudhamahari DinkerIND1654
7Vivek Ramanathan VIND1527
8Dharshan B LIND1493
9Karmukilan SIND1466
10Karthikeyan MIND1421
11Santhosh Venkateshwaran SIND1403
12Gokul SIND1401
13Raghava MIND1325
14Atharsh MIND0
15Gurunathan K SIND0
16Kumar T KIND0
17Radha Sri DinkerIND0
18Sai Sarath L NIND0
19Saravanan MIND0
20Vignesh RIND0
21Vijayakumar RIND0
22Vinotha SIND0