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Watford Club Christmas Rapidplay

Last update 31.12.2019 18:24:26, Creator/Last Upload: watford chess

Starting rank

1Tiruchirapalli Venkataramanan259449ENG222Watford
2Stone Andrew119788ENG199Watford
3Karumazondo R Ernest251005ENG179Watford
4Taylor Alistair271075ENG148Watford
5Charles Simon108254ENG142Watford
6Edwards Peter155526ENG119Watford
7Mead-Herbert Bradley316986ENG116Watford
8Tathare Sandesh309077ENG112Watford
9Vig Sanjay155525ENG108Watford
10Hylands Keith265200ENG87Watford
11Tharkabhushanam Anirvin321535ENG69Watford
12Tathare Rohan307302ENG67Watford
13Demjan Denisz319104ENG66Watford
14Demyan Leo318295ENG48Watford
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