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A Junior DM 2018

Last update 27.01.2018 16:47:13, Creator/Last Upload: swedish chess federation a

Starting rank

1Cederqvist Lucas1750038SWE1667Skara SS
2Nowén Linus1747649SWE1434Alingsås SS
3Badawi Ahmed1753096SWE1321Tanums SS
4Badawi Ali1748394SWE1209Tanums SS
5Axelsson Leon1739832SWE0Skara SS
6Badawi Bana1753118SWE0Tanums SS
7Bahadori DelaramSWE0SA Mark
8Kvick Viggo1750682SWE0Alingsås SS
9Nikolov FilipSWE0Borås Fristad SK
10Rieck Walter1750640SWE0Borås Fristad SK