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Dala Open 2018

Last update 08.12.2017 21:18:29, Creator/Last Upload: dalaschack

Starting rank

1IMWesterberg Jonathan1701754SWE2500SK Team Viking
2Ängskog Kent1703668SWE2184Horndals SK
3Tiger-Norqvist Axel1716816SWE2172Horndals SK
4Nordebrink Johan1706721SWE2149Västerås SK
5Tunviken Peter1722859SWE2050Horndals SK
6Trsavec Peter1726943SWE1900Horndals SK
7Norqvist Lars1718517SWE1801Horndals SK
8Fahlberg Kenneth1747444SWE1715Sundsvalls SS
9Kallin Anders1747576SWE1683SK Pjäsen
10Lindblom Kaj1739964SWE1663Horndals SK
11Olsson Dick1726463SWE1614Horndals SK
12Falkevall Axel1735560SWE1580Trojanska Hästen
13Ljunggren Leif1720910SWE1404Hedemora SS
14Carmegren Christer1716913SWE1340Västerås SK
15Johansson Niklas1751050SWE0Horndals SK