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3 Circuito Ritorna de Xadrez Blitz 4a. Etapa

Última Actualização07.09.2017 07:58:57, Creator/Last Upload: caissa eventos

Ranking inicial

Nº.NomeID FIDEFEDEloClube/Cidade
1Duailibi Ricardo Miguel500005BRA2173Campo Grande/Ms
2Davalos Danny Ramirez500018BRA2033Campo Grande/Ms
3Da Silva Loester Duarte Bueno500368BRA2009Campo Grande/Ms
4Oshiro Edson500385BRA1936Campo Grande/Ms
5De Moura Fernando Alves500331BRA1910Campo Grande/Ms
6Albuquerque Eliseu Willians Kr500457BRA1889Campo Grande/Ms
7Decio Bj500299BRA1868Campo Grande/Ms
8Akamine Carlos Alberto500444BRA1861Campo Grande/Ms
9Ostemberg Jorge500348BRA1833Campo Grande/Ms
10Pereira Guilherme Leite500381BRA1794Campo Grande/Ms
11Cunha Hudson Nogueira500322BRA1778Campo Grande/Ms
12Rosse Dayane Ernestine500423BRA1665Campo Grande/Ms
13Jesus Filho Jose CarlosBRA1800Cuiaba/Mt