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Graeme Thomson Memorial Rapidplay 2017 Open

Last update 02.07.2017 19:08:37, Creator/Last Upload: geoff gammon

Starting rank

1IMCobb James E1800949WLS226
2Magrini Fabrizio822728ITA212
3Martin Lewis410551ENG210
4Morris Gareth L1800892WLS184
5Thorpe Thomas G1802437WLS180
6Pugh Derek C411434ENG179
7Humphreys Jerry408158ENG175
8Collier David O406422ENG173
9Doklestic Igor1804227WLS173
10Bennett Dominic L416657ENG172
11Timmins Chris P471119ENG171
12Attar RobertENG170
13Curtis John E411892ENG169
14CMKirby Peter J409014GCI165
15Young Daniel J425184ENG165
16Hardy Roger403997ENG153
17Stranger Morris426342ENG153
18Towers Nigel S404071ENG150
19Champion Adrian W428108ENG148
20Woolgar Steven G419125ENG148