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Hendon Chess Club Championships 2017

Last update 09.11.2017 21:09:42, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank

1CMWILLMOTH Robert F402540ENG211Hendon
2BROZEL Sacha429317ENG191Hendon
3ROCCO Federico431362ENG185Garden Suburb S
4POLLACK Oscar429414ENG179Middlesex Juniors
5HUDSON Julian441457ENG166Hendon
6RUBECK Jonathan435678ENG158Hendon
7ROGAL Chris1182420POL156
8KENT Anthony R430820ENG153Ilford
9PEPE Salvatore427160ENG150
10LIMONOV Petr438464ENG145Hendon
11MURPHY Nick429660ENG134Brentwood
12ROCCO Lorenzo432342ENG125Hendon
13AINSCOW Faye428698ENG124Kings Head
14SARTENAER Jean-Claude437026ENG124
15KARIA Kamlesh429376ENG123Hendon
16KAPUR Gul454346ENG111Hendon *
17GOULBOURNE Nick428787ENG108Hendon
18MAHTANI Arun429651ENG92Hendon
19JACOBS Stanley455130ENG91
20LANSBURY David451738ENG85
21SCOTT Martin442771ENG66Greater London Chess Club
22MERRIFIELD Peter1802410WLS61Cavendish
23SHENG BenjaminENG20Middlesex Juniors
25DUNNE ThomasENG0
27SEALY AlisonENG0