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HCA - 25th Hisar Distt. OPEN (Mixed) Chess Championship 29 - 30 April 2017 [LIVE Webcast @]

Last update 30.04.2017 23:46:36, Creator/Last Upload: haryana chess association

Starting rank

1Antima, WHCA0
2Chirag (FBD)HCA0
4Komal, WHCA0
5Manjeet Mor (JND)HCA0
6Parteek ChhabraHCA0
7Pawan Saharn (FTD)HCA0
8Rupesh (Pilani)HCA0
9Sillu Chhattar (JND)HCA0
10Subhash Mor (JND)HCA0
11Sunil Lomror (FTD)HCA0
12Sunil PaniharHCA0
13Yashpal Redhu (JND)HCA0
14Sourabh HansHCA0
15Shivam (Hansi)HCA0
16Diksha, WHCA0
17Kuldeep GaurHCA0