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Hastings Blitz 2015/16

Last update 05.01.2016 10:29:21, Creator/Last Upload: Lara Barnes IA

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Starting rank

1IMNagy Gabor737119HUN2570
2GMVakhidov Jahongir14201801UZB2531
3GMArkell Keith C400270ENG2426
4IMKrishna C R G5018625IND2382
5FMLongson Alexander408093ENG2303
6IMSarkar Justin2010011USA2253
7IMGluckman David14300010RSA2219
8Kett Tim1801210WLS2219
9Rolvag Mikael1500481NOR2217
10FMKarthik V. Ap25006479IND2194
11CMGoater Kevin P411167ENG2141
12Burrows Martin P409057ENG2108
13Brown Thomas1801430WLS2088
14Larsen Andreas1504843NOR2043
15FMTaylor Adam C424668ENG2006
16Kelly Paul J1801392WLS1938
17Shepley Julien M403210ENG1922
18Ter Steeg Marcus Dr.24676799GER1913
19Ruane Brendan J430218ENG1794
20Golding Alex427241ENG1776
21Brooke John468630ENG1744
22Wilson Matthew R423459ENG1665
23Denham Colin1802488WLS1661
24FMGluckman Paul14309513RSA1628
25Golding James427250ENG1607
26Baron Margaret1804332WLS0
27IMSingh Vishnu7700946TTO2129